Back from Helenback

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/16/2018

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): AFLAC, Thumper, Rooney, Sprocket, GOAT, Grease Monkey

It seems to me that YHC hasn’t had a Q above 40 degrees for at least 5 months, and today was no different. Sweat Wagon read 37 as we stepped into the gloom and for a few minutes it was looking like the lowest recorded numbers for The Wreck. But with a couple last minute arrivals and a late addition we found a solid half dozen.

Quick mosey up to the parking lot for some warmups. 12 each of: Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers and Mountain Climbers. We continued our mosey over to everyone’s favorite locale.  With a previous threat of violence if any hill work were to surface YHC called some 7s on the The Hill with his guard up. LBCs at the top, Bobby Hurleys at the bottom. Those PAX coming off of Helenback were none too happy with our first routine.

From there we moseyed over to the football field to give the legs a break. We circled up for a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – Much Chesto Edition: PAX bear crawled around the circle and then Q initiated 10 Merkins while the rest of the PAX planked. When done, the Merkin work continued around the circle one at a time with others planking until their turn. We did 5 rounds: Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Stagger Right Merkins, Stagger Left Merkins and Werkins. Then we threw in a set of 12 Merkins in cadence for good measure.

Form there we moseyed up to Goose Poop Island but muddy conditions had us settle over in the Litter Box for a round of Captain Thor: Four American Hammers for every Big Boy Situp – all the way to 10 BBSU / 40 AH.

Moseyed back around the pond to the flag with plenty of time for some musical burpees. Monkey = Burpee with SSHs in between. Shock the Monkey was the musical selection of the day. Finished up with about three rounds of Mary.

Prayer requests: Thumper traveling this week. A member of GMonkey’s church group has a niece that is dealing with a pretty terrible situation and in counseling.

Glad to be able to lead these men today. It’s funny how we’ve made a habit of something that sounds so absurd to so many: getting up long before we need to regardless of conditions outside to beat ourselves up for 45 minutes before heading off to our daily grind. I think we initially came for the exercise but we came back for the camaraderie. Honored to be part of the PAX.

GMonkey out.

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