Mumble Chatter and 11’s

AO: Avery Elementary (yet to be named)

When: 04/11/2018

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Lawdog, Manning, Whamo, Wiggum, Yokel, Homeboy, Smurfette, Nomad, Finkle, Harp, Chitwood, Dory, Babyface, The Mole

So, yesterday Dosido called out The Paragon about paying attention to form and doing exercises the correct way.  Several months ago YHC called out The Kodiak similarly (though YHC may have been inebriated at the time).  Suffice it to say, form and doing things the correct way are important to YHC.  Maybe not everyone but it is to YHC.  As the Plant-Q of this new AO (yet to be named) YHC wanted to kick of things by saying a short something about why it is important to do things the right way.  However, some of the PAX this morning (ahem, Lawdog and Homeboy) wouldn’t shut up and let YHC say anything.  So YHC attempted to talk over them to the rest of the PAX, but the mojo was thrown off by their loudness and rudeness (ahem Lawdog and Homeboy).

Nonetheless, what YHC wanted to say and didn’t have a real chance to say is….. When we “cheat” our form and do a workout half-ass we aren’t just cheating ourselves.  That’s a lie because no man is an island.  We are not Simon or Garfunkel.  When we cheat our form, we are cheating all the people who depend on us and rely on us in our lives (M’s, 2.0’s, co-workers, friends, etc.).  We are cheating ourselves AND them because we are choosing the easy way.  The goal is to take the DRP and choose the hard life over the easy life.  Choose what is challenging on purpose.   Because integrity isn’t built in the light or when things are going well.  Men of integrity are made in the gloom.  Integrity is made in the moments when no one is watching your form or your actions and you choose to do things the right way anyways.  So let’s take the DRP and challenge ourselves and be the men of integrity that our families, our work-places, and our communities need.  Because no man is an island.  So practice doing things the right way in the gloom so that when the Sifter starts shaking you have a foundation of integrity.

Now, on to the activities……  The mumble chatter continued throughout.  YHC had a few mishaps and difficulties during the proceedings so the PAX pounced on every opportunity to ridicule and goad YHC (as expected).


SSH IC (x11)
Cotton Pickers (x11)
Imperial Walkers (x11)
Copperhead Squats (x11)
Sun Gods OYO

The Thang:

“Around the World” lunges IC (x11)
Ascending Testicles (x11 each)
(YHC had a mishap while trying to call cadence on this one as YHC feet slipped of the wall on the second round of Ascending BTTW.  One of the PAX called out OYO to which YHC agreed.)

11’s — Partner Rows & Patty-Cake Merkins (or Brokins whichever name you prefer)
11’s — Bobby Hurley Squats & Carolina Dry Docks
11’s — Pull-ups & BBS
(It is evident to YHC that pull-ups are a weakness among the PAX.)


YHC used the TABATA app on phone for 6 minutes of Flutter Kicks and Elbow Plank (20 exercise with 10 seconds rest between).  Much mumble chatter was had about the accent of the voice calling “exercise” and “rest”.


Announcements and Prayers:
–Prayers for Homeboy’s father.  Surgery today at 10am for cancer.
–Spartan Race this Saturday at Fort Benning
–Hopequest Third F this Saturday in Woodstock.  Sounds like they need help getting some land cleared for make-shift parking for out-patients
–New AO launch tomorrow morning at Sequoyah Park.  Lawdog the Site-Q.  (Lawdog, YHC hopes the PAX are better to you than you are to any Q.)

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