Post Spring Break Roll Call

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/10/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Spandex,Scar,Lowes,HaHa,Devito,Cookie,Lundberg, Jackalope,SpecialK,TO,DC2, MillerTime, Zima

Spring Break is over and it was time to get back in the saddle at The Rubicon.  13 brave PAX (Including fan favorites DC2 and T.O.) saddled up in the gloom.  Following my not so official disclaimer we started off on a mosey to the parking lot on the way to Peanut Hill.


Once at the parking lot and PAX circled up we began.  Exercises were:  SSH, Hillbilly, Weedpicker and one round of Circle-burps to round out the warmup.

The Thang

After a mosey over to the nearby playground we began 1 of 2 rounds of something the guys at The Wreck call “Roll Call.”

First round pax lined up shoulder to shoulder in high plank position while each pax counted ran to the pull up bars and banged out 5 pull-ups.  We went down the line until the last man finished their pull-ups.

Second round was at the wall.  BUT WAIT – what to my wandering eyes appeared — (it was a not a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer) a Devito! All pax lined up on the wall shoulder to shoulder facing out.  Each pax assumed balls-to-the-walls position while each man banged out 5 donkey kicks.  This continued down the line until every man finished their 5 donkey kicks.

The Thang 2

After Roll Call it was back to a brisk mosey to the rock pile.  Once each PAX had a rock we hauled them to Field of Dreams for a round of 11’s.

Pax lined up on the 1B foul line facing CF.  First exercise with the rock was 10 Skull Crushers.  Next, Pax sprinted even with 2B for 1 Burpee.  To get back to the foul line, PAX Bear crawled.  Rinse and Repeat until we reached 10 Burpees and 1 Skull Crusher.  A couple rounds of Mary until the 6 finished up.  On the way back to the flag and after dropping off our rocks we headed over to the Pavillon for two rounds of Dips (15 count, 10 count) and Derkins, (15 count, 10 count). Once back at the flag one quick round of Mary to complete the BD.


Per T.O.  Come on down to Macon and support F3 expansion via NLB extension.  See T.O. For details

Per Cookie reminder Sun Apri 22nd is the F3 3rd annual family cookout.  Cookie to post backblast details soon.


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