Masters v Misters

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/09/2018

QIC: Rooney

PAX (): Polaroid, Bear, I-Beam, Blue, Sparky, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, Doogie, Rusty, Goat, Crab Legs, Turbine, Ariel, Aflac, Sprocket, Rooney

Bronco brought the house down on Friday with The Masters theme, and not many could experience the joy because they were slacking on spring break, so I thought I would do something similar (but with targets and competition/teamwork).

The rules:

Two teams – young and less young. The big question going into the masters always is – will it be an old man or a young’n right?  Each team is given a bag with a pitching wedge, three golf balls, and a mini flashlight. There is also a big flashlight spotting the field as well as a sheet of exercises.

The game is to hit the golf ball as close to the target as you can.  For every yard you are away from the target, you increase that number of repetitions from the amount specified by the target.  For example, try to hit the 20 yard line for the first exercise (Burpees).  If you hit the 24 or 16 yard line, your team is facing 24 burpees (20 plus 4).  The objective here is which team can finish all the exercises first.

So, the players sprint to find the ball and sprint back to perform the exercise and try to hit the ball again fast, but if another group is already out there – Mountain Climbers for the team until the other one returns because nobody wants to get hit by a golf ball.

The Thang:

At 5:30 we moseyed to the football field. Along the way, I explained the Thang because I knew we would have to line up at the end zone youngest to oldest and I would need to set up the stations.  Fortunately, Squeegee decided to grace us with his slightly tardy presence and the numbers were perfectly even. 16 exercises, so 2 groups of eight meant that each person would be able to hit twice (one swing and then a redemption swing would occur during a state of being more fatigued). The exercises:

  • 20 yards:  Burpees
  • 30 yards:  Diamond Merkins
  • 40 yards:  Jump Squats
  • 50 yards:  Merkins
  • 50 yards:  American Hammers (2-count)
  • 50 yards:  Stone Mountains
  • 50 yards:  T-Bombs
  • 50 yards:  Supermans
  • 50 yards:  Dying Cockroaches
  • 50 yards:  Arm Raises
  • 50 yards:  Squats
  • 50 yards:  LBC’s
  • 50 yards:  Squat-hold (number of seconds)
  • 40 yards:  Flutter kicks
  • 30 yards:  Russian Hamstring curls
  • 20 yards:  Boxcutters

Timing worked out well enough to leave time for some Freddy Mercurys and Flutter Kicks at the flag before time was called.

The Thang:

The Masters vs Misters competition was certainly a close one.  Would have been closer if the young guys didn’t have to do seventy-something T-Bombs and seventy-something Russian Hamstring curls…but hey that is why we are here right?  Shout out to crab legs wanting us all to be as healthy and strong as he is.  Congratulations old experienced guys – extra side planks for you is kind of like a trophy.


  • Best of luck to all PAX doing the Helenback this upcoming weekend.  As for me, maybe when I am older, stronger, and faster.
  • Praises all around for being able bodied for F3.  I am sure many unspoken prayers as well.
  • PAX pushing Blue and Sparky to VQ soon, even if it means a trip to IHOP.


This morning I woke up not knowing if I was going to be on the young team or the old team.  I discovered and was empowered (falsely) that I would be considered young today.  After an emotional roller coaster via a couple of lead changes, I was wishing I was an old experienced guy because they proved their strength and golf abilities were superior.  Fortunately for everyone, if we are not old yet, we will be some day.

Some people in Roswell woke up on this wet cold Monday morning sad and complaining (already heard about it at work from patients multiple times thus far) but the F3 community was loving every minute of the beautiful morning.  It was fun, fellowship, and fitness as we share a faith in a savior that loves us like crazy.  Something to celebrate and motivate us for a solid day and a solid week. Until next time guys.

– Rooney

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