Triple Trouble

AO: The Paragon

When: 04/05/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): Kiffin, Garfield, Hooch, Nomad, Palin, Ricky Bobby, Primo, Dory, Wiggum, Cricket, Woody, The Mole

With Spring Break upon us, the Paragon is still hitting impressive, although slightly decreased numbers.  13 Pax battled the fartsack to post in the Gloom and were treated to a three point workout.

Warm-O Rama 

Mosey to the back of Dean Rusk near the bus lanes and circle

SSH, Cotton Pickers, Windmill, Imperial Walkers, Sungods,

Mosey to a nearby Island


The Thang I

Partner up-Wheelbarrow the length of the island, 20 Partner Rows, Partner Carry back to the start , switch roles and repeat.  Air Chair to the 6

New Partner-WheelBarrow half the island, 10 partner rows, partner carry the remaining length.  Switch roles, and return to the end .  Mary to the 6

New Partner-Wheelbarrow 1/4 island length, 5 Partner Rows, Partner Carry to 1/2 way point.  Switch roles and repeat to the full length.  Repeat to the start point and wait on the 6.

Mosey to the front of the school

The Thang II

New Partner- 100 Squats, 150 Mountain Climbers, 200 LBC’s while the other partner runs a lap of the parking lot.  Pickup where partner left off .  Repeat for 1 round.  Plank to the 6

Mosey to the hill near the retaining pond

The Thang III

11’s on the hill.  Merkins at bottom and squats on top.

mosey to the flag


Boxcutters to 6:15



Each PAX shared something they are grateful for.




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