The Punisher is Unleashed at the Rubicon

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/05/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Devito, Mufasa, Ha-ha

Winter returned to The Rubicon this morning as temps were in the mid-Thirties. All the Spring Breaking PAX wouldn’t know that of course. But I am sure they are chafing with all the sand in their shorts! And probably sunburned. And miserable. I keep telling myself that.

But 3 HIMs of Alpha did show to take the Daily Red Pill. The Punisher was visiting today to help us get better.

Warm Up

Grab a girlfriend and mosey to the bottom of the hill by the FOD.

  • 20x SSH IC
  • Run to top of hill
  • 20x Weed Pickers IC
  • Run to bottom of hill
  • 20x Imperial Walkers IC

The Punisher

3 sets of exercises with 4 exercises at the FOD with the girlfriends and 4 exercises at the planters without the girlfriends with running in between. The Punishment is for the PAX that beat the 6 in after the 8 exercises in the set to perform squats with the girlfriends with overhead press until the 6 arrives. Since there were only 3 of us there was not much punishment dealt out!

Set 1


  • 30x  Curls
  • run to planters
  • 30x Merkins
  • Run back
  • 30x Overhead Press
  • Run to planters
  • 30x Irkins
  • Run back
  • 30x Rows
  • Run to planters
  • 30x Derkins
  • Run back
  • 30x Skull Crushers
  • Run to planters
  • 30x Merkins

Punishment until 6 arrives

Set 2


At FOD same 4 exercises: Curls, Press, Rows and Skull Crushers all x20.

At planters Squats, Lunges, Box Jumps, Squats all x30

Set 3


At FOD same 4 exercises: Curls, Press, Rows and Skull Crushers all x20.

At planters LCB, American Hammers, Hip Bridge and Dolly all x30.

Pick up the girlfriends and mosey to the planters for Dips x20 IC

Mosey to the truck to return the girls til next time.


  • LBC
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Obliques
  • Side Bridge left and right sides
  • Dieing Cockroach


Safe travels to all returning from Spring Break

NLB Golf Tournament coming up 5/21

Challenging times at work

Praise for Mufasa’s daughter’s wedding and visiting with family.

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