Stroll in Knoll Woods

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/04/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): Rooney, Crab Legs, Bronco, Sprocket, Grease Monkey, Zima, Cinderella, Patch

The early rain and spring break kept the numbers light at only 9 PAX.  YHC picked up the Q the night before so made it simple and picked an old Q that gave me a good beat down in the past from AFLAC.  5:30 arrived and we were ready to Mosey.  Patch made a welcomed appearance this morning and was ready to get back in the routine.


We were headed off Campus on our Mosey this morning.  Headed out of the park, down Woodstock and up Coleman.  Cinderella had to turn around because of a bum knee but returned to the flag to Mary until the group returned.  Everyone was proud of the effort he made to get in his workout.

The Thang:

Mosey ended at the bottom on Knoll Woods hill.  Thang included:

-50 Merkins at bottom of hill
– Run up the hill
– 25 Big boy sit-up at the top

Repeat 5 times

The key to this exercise is to look out for cars and take it at your own pace.  Group did a good job looking out for each other and pushing through the hill run.

Group did a few rounds of Mary as the 6 made it in.  Mosey back to the flag(picked up Cinderella) to finish out with:

  • Morning call (PAX get in line, first one does 5 pull-ups while group does 5 Merkins, moved down the line to complete)  Everyone seemed to really want more Merkins.
  • Rounds of Mary : Mountain Climbers (20), Flutters (20), Box-cutters(20), Superman (40!)

Workout ends up around 3 Miles of running.


  • Prayers for IBeam and his family as they deal with sickness.
  • Congrats to Sprocket and his wife for 21(I’m pretty sure) years of marriage.


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