FTL…ITG (Follow the Leader…In the Gloom)

AO: The Kodiak

When: 04/04/2018

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Westside, Natty Light, Bloodhound, Mr. Cricket, Woody, Manning, Misty

YHC must start this post with an apology to any of the 5 other PAX  that showed up (make that 6 when Woody decided to join us) for a painful beatdown and felt they didn’t get their money’s worth due to my silly experiment gone wrong. I’ll be issuing full refunds when I see you next. With the newly dubbed leader, who will now affectionately be referred to as Mr. Cricket, questioning what direction things were heading (literally!), here’s what went down for those that missed out:

Warm Up:

SSH IC x 15

CP IC x 10

The Thang:

Part I –

To avoid anyone catching on to my clever scheme I fed the group a line about following the leader and staying together in preparation for the upcoming Spartan race. We would start out and when we came to a halt the Q would call out a PAX to choose an exercise and lead the group in cadence and then we would continue on our journey.

We did some multi-directional, forward, backward and diagonal versions of crab walks, duck walks, bear crawls, broad jumps, walking lunges, and inch worms up, down and across the parking lot, no one seemingly the wiser of what was unfolding. At various points throughout we mixed in some merkins, crunchy frogs, thigh blasters, balls to the wall, indian run, monkey humpers, box cutters, etc. With some time left on the clock and most everyone looking confused and annoyed at what just happened we moseyed to the loop in front of the school for…

Part II –

Partnered up and ran opposite directions around the loop, performing 10 planking partner claps (kodiak count of course) when we met. The goal was 4 laps and after some of the group stopped at 2, we ended up getting roughly 3 laps in before heading back to the flag. It was at this time that I revealed the grand plan and opened up my Garmin app to look upon the work of art created by the Kodiak group this fine morning. Much to my disappointment this butchered monstrosity is what met our gaze:

Oh well, that’s why its called an experiment! Thanks for your patience and the pleasure of leading a fine group this morning. Next time I’m going back to the basics…


Prayers for Crickets mother as she continues to heal, prayers and also congratulations to Woody and his M on the upcoming addition to their family, and also for those that are traveling or will be traveling this week.

Until next time…Misty out!

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