Tossing the dice on Highway 20

AO: The Firehouse

When: 04/03/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Dash, Olaf, Reuben

All it took was 1 dice, and a whole lot of fun and pain was had throughout the morning gloom.  YHC was pumped about completing the next big Q, but wasn’t sure the 4 PAX present would be able to finish given the amount of light poles our Firehouse AO had present.  Here is how the morning turned out.

Mosey up the path towards the entrance with a little Karoke along the way.  Quick stop at Stonehenge for a little Warm-o-Rama:

SSH x 20 (IC)

Hillbilly x 20 (IC)

Moroccan Night Club x 15(IC)

Annie x 10(both arms IC)

Grabbed some curb for Derkins x 5, then walk the plank to regular merkins x 5 (all IC).

The Thang

Mosey up to entrance for for what YHC has named “The Highway 20 Ride” in honor of   fellow Georgia boy Zack Brown.  YHC loves some good country music, and this name seemed appropriate.

Our AO, as some have said, is lit up like Vegas.  It was YHC’s plan to hit as many light posts as we could get.  1 dice represented the 6 excercises we could choose from at each pole.

1- Hammers

2-Crunchy Frogs




6- Lt. Dans

We started out with 5 reps and increased our reps by 5 along the way; ending with 20 reps by the time we made it back to the flag.  All in all we discovered that the stars were not aligned in our favor(Burpees and Lt Dans became quite consistent) and we would not be hitting the craps table in Vegas anytime soon.

Proud of the fight in our group today. As we discovered per our brother Olaf, we had done close to 2 miles worth of pain  on this Hwy 20 Ride.  


Great group of 4 PAX today!

We prayed for our missing brothers hitting the Spring Break trail, and those who have lost loved ones recently.

Coffeeteria was filled with great conversation and encouragement.





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