Maybe I Should Have let Poison Q?

AO: Shadow - DHS

When: 04/03/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Fireballs, Seles, Scout, Moonshine, Switch, Abba, Phish, KimChi

A fantastic morning and an empty Dunwoody High School, lent itself to a fantastic adventure for 8 hearty souls to join YHC in the gloom of Shadow AO.

Warm-O-Rama: (IC- x15 and then x10) SSH, Toy-Soldiers, Squats, Mountain Climbers.  Lunge to the parking lot center, high knees to the other side. Lunge walk to the center again and high knees back to the start. Mosey down to the track.

The Thang: Mosey lap around the track. Really faster than a mosey, but slower than a run. Over to the paddock for a little pyramid of pain up and down by 2s starting at 2, climbing to 10, finishing at 2. Merkins, Squats and LBCs. (50 of each in all). Mosey around the lap again, this time stopping on the corners for 15 IC Sumo Squats. Mosey to the bleachers.

4 Sets each (IC and x10) Dips and Step-Ups, separated by Bear Crawls up and down the bleachers (6 rounds)

Mosey to the stairs, and bear crawl up them. Mosey to the center for the next evolution.

Mary: (all IC) Low-Flutter (20) Low Dolly (20) Oblique (L/R)(20) Low Leg Raise (20) Big Boy Situps (10) Mason Twists (10) LBCs(20)

Recover and move to the curb – 6 Rounds of 50,75, 100 (10 count in between)

Mosey to center and Plank for 60 (with various arm and leg raises)

10 Hand Release Merkins OYO

COT – Moonshine took us out.

Prayers for Sleeper and his family.

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