The Zoo Part II

AO: The Zoo

When: 03/31/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): The Body, Olaf, Swiper, Dash, Snowden

Pass the Baton for the second half of the Q at the Zoo! Now it’s my turn to help the PAX get stronger!

We start off with a a set of Goofballs X 20 IC to help shake off the morning chill. Now on to the Thang!

I thought I would share a little from what we got to experience at the Firehouse earlier this week:

The Quarter Pounder

Start at the goal line and run to the 25 yard line for 25 Plank Jacks

  • back pedal to the end zone and get your Burpee token

run to the midfield and do 50 Lunges

  • back pedal to the goal line and get two Burpee tokens

run to the far-side 25 yard line and do 75 Mountain Climbers

  • back pedal to the goal line and get three Burpee tokens

run to the far-side end zone and do 100 SSH

  • back pedal to the goal line and get four more Burpee tokens

get a quick ten count and then we do a little Dora with cheese

Dora with Cheese

I decidedĀ  to go sideline to sideline, since we were using the girlfriends and half of the running was actually backwards with a Burpee token.

100 curls

150 squats

100 rocking big boy sit-ups



Why not finish the way we started the day, with a little “Sallie Up” doing Big Boy Sit-ups!



Prayers for safe travels for the PAX on Spring Break

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