Moonlight Mosey

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/02/2018

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Sneakers, Boomer, Flo, Feathers, Jimbo, Nacho, Piggy, Scrooge

9 PAX were there for YHC’s beatdown.  The moon was bright and it was a perfect morning – you won’t get that indoors!  The mumble chatter was light, but it came out once everyone loosened up.


Mosey around the parking lot and then Weed Pickers, Hillbilly’s, and Side-Straddle Hops.

We did some Burpees on our way to the church.  Not quite Nacho standards, but just a little extra to the mosey.

Soccer Field: Bear Crawl Inch Worms from end-to-end.  It’s a great mix of endurance into the usual planks & crawls.

YHC’s favorite hill was calling, so we spent some time with Bear Crawl Dora’s.  The PAX partnered up for merkins, lbc’s, and squats while crawling up the hill.  Those squats are a killer combo with bear crawls!

Mosey back for another soccer field stop.  YHC actually chose to do Burpees, that’s unusual!  Then Lunges on the way back with a little Flo challenge.  He’s always pushing the leader and making them work for it.

Mary: ample time for Dolly’s, Gas Pumpers, American Hammers, Dying Cockroach, some kind of LBC Dolly (wow), and couple other things I can’t remember.

Please remember to keep these brothers in your prayers: Scrooge’s daughter for continued healing, Flo’s wild week ahead, Feathers and a tough conversation.  Great praise too – Sneakers pointed out how F3 has been a great help, and Boomer shared what God is doing in his 2.0’s life!  A privilege to lead, as always.


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