It’s not in Numbers, but in Unity that our great Strength Lies.*

AO: The Kodiak

When: 04/02/2018

QIC: Yogi

PAX (): Westside, Misty, Woody, Harp, Voodo, Natty Light, Crowbar, Thumper, Yogi

*T Paine (the Englishmen, not the rapper)

While the majority of the Kodiak were oiled up, margarita in hand and strutting their beach bods (thanks to Woody last week) on the white sandy beaches of Mexico, Florida and Georgia for Spring Break week, nine brave souls made it out to the Gloom this morning. Here’s how the fun all went down…
Warm-O- Rama
 Imperial Walkers
 Cotton Pickers
 Annie
The Thang
YHC led the group to the light post for an upper/lower body warm up of Route 66. Misty attempted to call an audible right out of the gate and take us to “a light post” as opposed to “the light post”, yet was quickly corralled back to the pack. 1 merkin @ 1 st post, sprint to next post and perform 2 merkins., sprint to next post and increase merkins at every post until feeling a good burn in the upper body by the last post. Misty led the pack and after finishing up at the last post called out some flutter kicks for a count of 15 until the six was in.

We lined up single file near bus lanes and indian jogged to the Kodiak at the track. I warned the Pax to be easy on the throttle, so we used this as a warm-o- rama part deux for what was about to go down at the track. Spartan (modified Yogi version) at the track. Sprint 100 yards on track lanes, 10 monkey humpers as a group in turn 1, jog to turn 2, line up in turn 2 and sprint 100 yards, 10 burpees as a group @ turn 3 and then jog to turn 4 completing 1 full lap (1/4 mile). Westside wasn’t going to let Misty top him in the gloom and came out like Usain Bolt on Sprint #1, the huffing and puffing started after sprint #2 and the burpees and all mumble chatter went pretty radio silent for the remainder of the Spartan. Rinsed and repeated 4 times for a total of 1 mile.
Somewhere along the line Natty Light went MIA and missed the rally point for the end of the spartan. According to him, he finished up and was waiting on the six to come in on the other side of the track. Natty Light RESPECT! We did some flutter kicks and J Lo’s until Natty found us huffing and puffing near the little boy (visitor) bleachers.

Finished it off with 11’s at the little boy bleachers. 10 dips at the bottom, run up to top of the bleachers and 1 star jack at the top. Rinse and Repeat until we got through the set. Not much mumble chatter at this point. Rallied at the bottom of the stairs and planked until the six got in. YHC called out “six inches” to take it down low in a plank and could have sworn I heard a “roll it around” coming from Blood Hound hiding underneath the bleachers. Jogged back to the flag.
Finished off strong @ the flag with a set of 40 box cutters to work the core. There was some grumbling at that point.
Prayers & Announcements
 Prayers for a quick recovery for Babyface’s ankle
 Safe travels to those on Spring Break
 Prayers for realtor in Canton who was hospitalized with blood clots in lungs.
 Painting project by Homeboy and Smurfette on April 14 th

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