AO: The H0.0ch

When: 03/30/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Scrooge, Saint-20, Piggy, Boomer, Moontoes, Sunshine, Sneakers, Jimbo

8 (no 9) PAX joined the fold this morning for a Good Friday themed partner #beatdown.   Got the word out to bring your #rucksack or something heavy for a team weight.  With a special Good Friday themed playlist, YHC set up the following for the crowd to enjoy:

Quick Warm-up: Mosey around for one giant lap which would soon become familiar territory for all PAX

Partner A: Zamperini with the Rucksack until you had to drop it.  Leave the Rucksack and finish your lap with a mosey to tag in Partner B.

Partner B:   While patiently awaiting partner A:

  • F– firefeet burpees (x10)
  • I- inch worms (x10)
  • N- Never Cross Dolly(x10)
  • I- Imperial Squawkers (x10)
  • S- Scorpion Dry Docks (x10)
  • H- Hand Release Merkins (x10)
  • E- Elves on Shelf (x10)
  • D- ancing Bears (x10)

Note: I went deep in the F3 playbook to fill out my word.  Once A returns B runs and finds the Ruck and Zamperini’s it as far as he can, then finishes the run.  Back and forth A to B and B to A for almost the entire 40 minutes.


COT:  Welcome back MoonToes, prayers for some changes of plans, and for Savannah’s recovery (Scrooge’s daughter).  Update: Let’s keep praying that the complications go away.

Happy Easter!  HE is Risen…He is Risen Indeed.



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