Warmth. Bring’em out.

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/28/2018

QIC: Hattrick

PAX (): Blue, Fandeux Guy, Rusty, Sprocket, Sparky, Crablegs, Bronco, Goat, Aflac, Zima, MillerTime, Doogie, Bear, Grease Monkey, Polaroid, Double D, TP, Ariel, Hattrick, Cinderella (FNG)

There’s been a little extra step in the giddy up seeing the weather a bit warmer.       Attention weather man, bring it out more. It has been mentioned as we mosey that many a PAX are ready for pure uninterrupted warmth outside, YHC included.  The great theologian TI tells us that the warmth can also “bring’em out”.   20 PAX were ready to get rolling so we circle up around workout equipment and welcome an FNG, David, that Grease Monkey invited from their hood, awesome.  Lets attack Wednesday.

Warm up

SSH: 30
LBCs: 30

The Thang

Mosey on trail. One burpee at each light until at the bottom of the steps near the pond.

4 corners (not building) around the track, running backwards between stations.

1) Run backwards, 1st stop: 25 jump squats
2) Run backward, 2nd stop: 25 LBCs
3) Run backward, 3rd stop – 25 carolina dry docks (aka stone mountains)
4) Run backward to steps completing circuit- 25 monkey humpers

Next the PAX made our way up the steps with 5 calf raises each step.  Flutter kicks for the 6.

Mosey down to baseball field behind home plate, grab some wall.
– Step ups, 15 each leg
– 15 dips
– 15, box jumps

Plank for the 6. Mosey to the gridiron.  Beginning at the goal line. Bear crawl 10 yards, 10 merkins, repeat every 10 years until reaching the 50. Dying cockroach for the 6. Repeat continuing towards opposite goal line, however, rather than bear crawls – we sub’d lunges.  10 merkins at each 10 yard line until reaching goal line.  Big Boy Sit Ups for the 6.

Jog to 50, sprint to goal line, giving it all ya got.

Short mosey out to parking lighted parking lot. Wheel of Merkin.
5 incline merkins then rotate clockwise so left hand/leg up on curb; 5 merkins, rotate again so feet up on curb; 5 derkins, rotate again so right hand/leg up on curb; 5 merkins. Complete 3 sets Wheel of Merkin.
Mosie to flag for mary;  Flutter kicks, dying cockroach T bombs (thanks MillerTime), and JLos.


FNG, welcome – Glad to have you, Cinderella.   Magnolia Walk is taking over. Continued prayers for Ibeam’s 2.0 dealing with illness along with several others who are sick.  A tough accident with a motorcyclist on N Coleman Monday that was mentioned, definitely a perspective nudge, and for YHC a reminder to keep that head on a swivel on the roads,  have a tendency to let my guard down in the car.


As we approach the 1 year anniversary of The Wreck (June), YHC is reminded of first being invited, thank you Crablegs. This last 10 months of being held accountable has truly been needed, uplifting and has inspired a transformed lifestyle in more than feeling better physically- with more structure and purpose in life. Was telling Ariel, Aflac and Double D that it had been over 3 years since I had any type of exercise prior to the first Wreck post, life felt chaotic resulting in a slight depression at times. Reality is that YHC fell in to some really poor habits once kids came along, eating, drinking, up late, with very little consistency or rhythm, some days sensing the need to exercise only to end in some sort of defeat due to crazy kids schedules.  The Wreck has helped change that; life is still chaotic – however with more order and purpose. The camaraderie and challenge that exists within The Wreck is something special. And a reminder to YHC as the weather changes to invite neighbors and friends as there’s certainly someone out there looking for what we get to experience.  Very grateful for each of you. Bring’ em out. Bring’em out.


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