This Diet is Killing Me!!

AO: The Firehouse

When: 03/29/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Dash, Skynyrd, Reuben, Beans, Lego

I recently started trying to eat better. I heard a wise saying that “you cannot out King your Queen”. Meaning you cannot exercise enough to make a big difference if you are not eating right(I’ll let you define what is right).  Needless to say all i want to do right now is eat, and this morning was no exception!


Let’s Mosey!

Warm O Rama

Goofballs X 15 IC

Copper Head Squats X 15 IC

Alabama Ass Kickers(the PAX decided that Georgia or Clemson Ass Kickers sounded better) X 10 each leg IC

Crab Humpers X 15 IC


Let’s Mosey to the soccer fields!

The Thang

I wanted to spice up the typical Dora, however i didn’t have any cheese so i decided we would run backwards from sideline to sideline with a Burpee token at the far side before running back to the awaiting partner.

100 Merkins

200 LBC’s

300 Squats

get a quick ten count

Now I’m really starting to get hungry, time for a Quarter Pounder! We didn’t have a football field so we improvised with the soccer field.

Start at the goal line and run to the end of the goalie box for 25 Plank Jacks

  • back pedal to the goal line and get your Burpee token

run to the midfield line and do 50 Lunges

  • back pedal to the goal line and get your Burpee token

run to the far-side goalie box and do 75 Mountain Climbers

  • back pedal to the goal line and get your Burpee token

run to the far-side goal line and do 100 SSH

  • back pedal to the goal line and get your final Burpee token

get a quick ten count and then we Mosey!


As we mosey i recognize a perfect opportunity to intensify the burn we were all feeling in our legs. There is somewhat of a ditch as we head back to the flag so i decide to lead the PAX in a series of Chili Bowl dips(the only name i could some up with since i was so hungry). Someone in the PAX referred to them as the Shawn Whites-probably a better name since the ditch resembled a half pipe and we were gradually nearing the end as if we were in the half pipe competition of the Winter Olympics.

We stop for a quick two sets of 10 each Burpos before we run backwards up the final hill, and the reward for doing such a fine job was a leisurely Indian Run back to the flag.

The Mary

Bring Sally Up

This was a new one to the PAX so i broke them in with Big Boy sittups( I will save the fun stuff for next time)

We had a couple of minutes left so YHC took requests

Beans shouted out and led IC a set of 15 Box Cutters

Lego shouted out and led IC a set of 15 Dying Cockroaches

Time up!



a quick mention of The Blue Ridge relay to see  if there was any interest

Prayer request:

Safe travels for the upcoming Spring Break, Skynyrd and Lego will be heading out for some time away. And also safe travels for Bengal as he returns from the great North!

Also prayed for continued growth and outreach in our community

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