March Madness Beat Down

AO: Big Creek

When: 03/29/2018

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): Clyde, The Body

March Madness Beat Down

When: 03/29/2018

The PAX: The Body, Clyde            QIC: Olaf

Warm Up:

Mosey half way to the track




Mosey to the basketball court

The Thang:

Wilt Chamberlain Routine was chosen as the main beatdown to celebrate the final days of March Madness.

Run down and back on the court, then 100 lbc’s

Run down and back on the court, then 100 squats

Run down and back on the court, then 100 flutter kicks

Run down and back on the court, then 100 lunges

Next we brought back some memories for me and Clyde as we lined up on the base line for some 5-4-3-2-1 wind sprints. We partnered up. While one partner ran down and back 5 times, the other did Bobby Hurleys against the fence. Then we took a ten count to recover before the next set. Set 2 was down and back 4 times; set 3 down and back 3 times, set 4 down and back 2 times, set 5 down and back 1 time.

With plenty of time to spare we moseyed over to the benches for 3 sets of 15 times 2.

First routine: X15 jump ups,  X15 step ups, right leg, X15 step ups, left leg

Second routine: X15 incline merkins, X15 dips, X15 decline merkins

Then we moseyed back toward the flag with 2 stops along the away. First stop at the curb for 2 sets of x15 calf raises and x15 toe touches on the curb. Second stop at rock pile to pick up a coupon. X25 arm rows, x25 overhead press, x25 curls.


Mosey back to flag for Mary. X10 IC Rosalita, x10 IC Box cutters, x10 IC Freddy Mercury, x10 IC J-Lo.


F2 Gathering at Windemere Park on April 22.

Prayer for The Body’s customer and my uncle on hospice.

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