Lets give those middle school moms something to look at

AO: The Paragon

When: 03/27/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): Titlemax, Drumstick, Whamo, Cricket, Legionaire, Westside, Yogi, Hooch, Manning, Cuban, Nomad, Garfield,Homeboy, Fleetwood, Kiffin, Romo, Premo, Thrasher, FNG Carebear, Smurfette, Little Ceaser, Dosido, Ricky Bobby

It was to be an exciting day in the gloom.  Even though it was nearly 50* and it felt a lot more like 30*, the pre beatdown chatter was buzzing.  QIC and Garfield had spoken the night before and Garfield was stepping up to try his paw at a half Q.  Garfield crawls (working title- still up for debate) were to be his jump into the QIC world.

The AO was also abuzz with extra cars and busses.  There was a middle school field trip launching that morning.  We were to have an audience of middle schoolers, faculty, and parents.  Maybe we encouraged an FNG to come out.  Maybe we scared them all away.

Mosey to an open spot and circle.  Garfield has the Warmup:


Cotton Picker




The Thang:

Route 66 with partner Rows-This took place in the driveway and was interrupted by multiple  busses and arriving students

Garfield Crawls-Led by Garfield-the Pax lined up in 2 lines.  Pax did an exercise while the 6 weaved through on a bear crawl.  Upon arrival at the front, he calls a new exercise and the cycle restarts. 1 round.  Also interrupted by several cars.

Squats, Burpees, SSH, Wide Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBC, Monkey Humpers, Spider Mans, Big Boy Situps, Iron Cross

4 Corners-50 Squats, 50 Mike Tyson’s, 25 Happy Jax, 10 Burpees

Mosey to the flag


We were on full display to the arriving students here:

Crunchy Frogs, Crab Raises(the BB name was mumble chattered at this point), LBC, Freddy Mercury, Flutter Kicks


Welcome FNG Care Bear

Garfield led -Prayers for family members in need


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