A Brave New World

AO: The Firehouse

When: 03/27/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Dash, Lego, Skynyrd, Reuben

Exploration is a good thing and it keeps the mind in tune.  This morning YHC decided to explore the outer most entrance of our lovely AO which has yet to be used. In the meantime 5 PAX discovered hills, hills, and more hills; some of which we used and some we did not.  We soon would conquer them all, but to be continued. Here is how it went:

We moseyed up to the entrance of the park which was about almost a half mile if not more.  After a quick disclaimer to the PAX here is how warm-up went:

SSH x 10 (IC)

Hillbilly x 10 (IC)

Mountain Climbers x 20 (IC)

Moroccan Nightclub (palms up/down- 10 reps each IC

Wolverine Merkins x 5 IC (look it up- this one is fun)

The Thang

Quick side step to one of many small hills at the entrance for a ladder- start at base-10 Burpees, 20 Peter Parkers(top), 30 Diamond Merkins(bottom), and finish with 40 LBC’s(top)- plank while we wait on the 6.

Mosey back towards playground, we stopped at the curb for 1 round of 20 incline merkins and 50 balboas(each leg is one)

We grabbed two coupons each after reaching the rock pile and headed over to playground. Partner up for modified Dora:

Partner 1- total between partners- 100 incline rows on swings or apparatus of choice. Partner 2 runs to 2nd light post with lunges remaining 1/4 to fence.

150 Cattle bell swings with coupons (same routine as above between partners).

200 squat presses with coupons(w/ partner and same routine). Re deposit coupons.

Now that we were swole, we finished up with a Bataan Death March(catch me if you can) back to flag with time expiring.


We explored ways to reach sad clowns for spring

-Reminder of F3 Dad’s Braves game on May 6. Deadline to sign up today.

-Zoo at Central Park- Saturday 7 am

Prayers for Bengal and family

-Continued prayers for Skynyrd and M’s family.

3rd F verse of the day John 10:10




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