T’s and C’s

When: 26 Mar. 2018

Where: Wreck AO

PAX: Virginia Slim, Goat, Rooney, Ariel, Hattrick, Sparky, Bear, Grease Monkey, Blue, Bronco, AFLAC, Squeegee, Crablegs, Jackalope, Circus, I-Beam

QIC: Sprocket

Old man winter made a last minute attempt to foil a terrific spring morning workout, but, to no avail. YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 16 brave and sturdy souls post for a workout rife with coupons. At 05:30, YHC spotted Rooney running into the AO and –out of sheer admiration for any PAX that makes the effort to run to a WO– led the group off at an easy mosey to the football field PL.


SSH’s, Cotton pickets and Imperial Walkers. 20x/ea.  Very simple–Very easy.

The Thang

Two man team formed up with instructions to all PAX to select a teammate of roughly the same height for the work that was to follow. Over to p/u coupons comprised of sketchy-condition landscape timbers and 2 Cinders (T’s and C’s).  YHC had to discard of one timber for fear of Tetanus possibly caused by old nails left in wood. Apologies to all for letting my QC staff fail miserably in their equipment check duty!

Each team began by performing buddy carries the length of the playing field while switching carrying duty at opposite goal line. Then, after returning to the start, teams lifted and carried the 2 cinder/1 timber coupon between themselves to the 25 yard line to perform 25 (4-count) flutter kicks while hoisting the coupon above chests.  Next, at 50 yd. line, each team performed shoulder-to-shoulder presses with the original goal being 50 (2-count) [Upon return of the first team of AFLAC and I-Beam to complete circuit, YHC was informed via audible from AFLAC  that 25 2-count presses was a more reasonable number].  Finally, each team stopped at the opposing 25 yd. line to perform 25 squats with coupon suspended between teammates.  After reaching opposite goal line, each team returned to the starting position to deposit T’s and C’s for teams in waiting.

Meanwhile, remaining teams joyfully performed the following circuits with their own individual wooden log coupons while waiting for their shot at T’s & C’s:


  • Squats x20/ea.
  • Sit-ups x20/ea.
  • dead lifts x20/ea.
  • arm curls x20/ea.
  • thrusters x20/ea.
  • hammers x25/ea.
  • rows x25/ea.
  • merkins x25/ea.
  • overhead hold x60 seconds
  • lunges x25/ea.
  • plank x60 seconds
  • derkins x30/ea.

Kudos to a handful of teams that were ambitious enough to get additional T’s and C’s circuits completed.  All teams planked for remaining teams to finish and then helped return coupons to transport vehicles.

Mosey back to flag via trail and plank for the 6 at gazebo.


Planks a-plenty including: right-arm/ left-leg extended plank, with a flap jack to left-arm/right-leg extended plank; X-plank, hold for 30 seconds, return to center, then, remaining in plank position, lower to 6″ and hold for 30 seconds. Finally, perform 10, 4-count Merkins, IC. Ended WO at 06:15.


YHC guessed that the PAX expected a WO that included a little more mosey’g perhaps? If so…Gotcha! guess y’all didn’t see this type of beatdown coming, maybe? YHC appreciates the hard work and grit from all PAX this a.m.  Also, many thanks to I-Beam and his Cummins-powered school bus for assisting with transport of cinders.

Prayers for mercy and grace to I-Beam’s littlest 2.0 as he battles illness. Unspoken requests brought before the throne of grace as well.

Sprocket out.

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