PT#2 Getting Stronger, never easier


When: 03/26/2018


PAX (): Mickey, The Mole, Crow Bar, HomeBoy, Banjo, Swisher, Nomad, Harp, Misty, PremO, VooDoo, Floppy, Dory, Gandhi, C-4, Netti Lite, Woody, West Side, Cricket, Law Dog, BabyFace, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Hombre

24 broke free from the sometimes overwhelming power of the fartsack to do their best in the gloom on this the second physical fitness test of the year.  The first was on February 6th, giving ample time to record some respectable improvements on this modified Army PT.

WarmUP:  Moseyed around the islands to circle up for SSH, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods and Imperial Walkers.  YHC was corrected on multiple occasions along with some comments from the peanut gallery about “sizing it up.”

The THANG:   Partner up to assist in the counting and to encourage on when the going gets tough.  Each partner took turns performing 2 minutes on maximum Merkins, 2 minutes recover, 2 minutes on Maximum Big Boy Sit Ups with partner holding feet in place, 2 minutes recover.  (Note: YHC failed to remind everyone that the BBSU must be done with fingers interlocked behind the head)  In addition, there was some technical difficulties in setting up the audio this morning – my apologies.

Upon completion of the above, we moved into a 12 minute run around the track for maximum distance.  As we have limited time, please note that it is expected that improvements be noted as to the distance covered from one test to the next.  Some bucks decided to press on to complete the full 2 miles to challenge themselves.

Exciting to see that we continue to push ourselves for improvements.  It is evident by the numbers posted that the gains were clear!  Good job men.    (if you left before I recorded your numbers, please reach out to me on private message so I can log you in)

FINISHER: (Outside the Stadium) Split up into four groups (with audio working) to perform AMRAP in the time left A) 10 Kodiak count – Wall Mountain Climbers B) 10 Superman SSH C) enunciated 10 Mississippi Balls to the Walls and D) 10 Star Jacks.  Once you completed one round, continue until the time expired and move over to the flag.

COT:   Prayer requests for WhamOs 2.0, Mickey’s 2.0, HomeBoy’s Father.  Hasbro also requested prayer later for his 2.0.  All health related.

Activities: Muffins for Mom’s over the next few days, 3rd F painting at Hopequest April 14th in Woodstock, Braves Baseball with 2.0’s May 6th, races coming up.

Reflections:  It has been an honor to participate in F3 with you men over the last months on Mondays.   Fitness has always been important to me, but I have been injected with so much more enthusiasm because of you – not just for fitness, but for life.  Thanks to each and everyone of you, whether I just met you or don’t really know you, or if we have been friends for a long time.  I appreciate the bond that together we forge.  Stay strong men!  If you feel yourself falling, please reach out.  Don’t wallow in the pit of despair alone.  We are here for each other.

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