Hills and Bear-kins

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 03/24/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Saban, Zima, Zohan, Boomer, Special K, Moonshine, Nacho Libre

As the clock turned 0600, it was looking like Alpha Ruck was gonna be a solo ruck. Just as I started out, Zohan came in on 2 wheels to join me. 6 more joined for the beatdown at 0700. Here’s how things went down … sorry, no rhymes today.

We kicked off with a mosey into the trails and down to the creek area. There we warmed up with IC SSH, hill billies, windmills and merkins. Once complete, we moseyed over to the base of the Widowmaker hill.

The Thang

A 5 burpee roll was initiated for each time we passed the manhole cover 1/2 way up the hill. First round, we ran up the hill, paying our toll, and completed 25 shoulder tap merkins at the top. Return to the base, paying your toll, and do 25 flutter kicks (early birds keep going for the six).  Repeat for a 2nd round with 20 shoulder tap merkins and 20 squats.  Round 3 saw 15 shoulder tap merkins and American hammers. Round 4 brought 10 shoulder tap merkins, then stay at the top with LBCs for the six.

With six in, we moseyed over to the parking lot by the top soccer field. Lined up in the parking lot for escalating bear-kins. Start on a parking space line. Bear crawl to the next line and do 1 merkin. Bear crawl to the next, 2 merkins. Continue the sequence up to 10 merkins. We then ran down to the end of the parking lot and lined up on a parking space line. Heading back across the lot, lunge 2 parking spaces then 1 squat. Lunge 2 more spaces and 2 squats. Continue the sequence the length of the lot which took us to 11 squats.

Time for some strength training, so we ran over to the rock pile. Partner up and each pair picks a large coupon. DORA with 100 skull crushers, 150 shoulder presses, and 200 curls. One partner does rock reps while the other runs the loop, then switch. The point here was to push into muscle failure, so we finished with arms like Jello. With 5 minutes remaining we returned to the flag for some round robin Mary.


Prayers for support in the efforts reaching out to the Sad Clowns around us.

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