AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 03/24/2018

QIC: Who Knows? Bloodhound, Manning, Homeboy?

PAX (): Bloodhound, Homeboy, Babyface, Misty, Cricket, Harp, Kiffin, Garfield, Legionnaire, Banjo, Prem-o, Yogi, Westside, Whammo, Manning, Voo-Doo, and Dory

With Legionnaire jumping off the Q ship last minute with some very suspect excuses, team Crockett & Tubbs sprang into action.  With an abundance of local knowledge, expert planning, and even better shirts – team awesome sauce made the magic happen…

Pre-Ruck chatter just for fun: Lectures on carbon footprints, super ruckers, sandbag confusion with multiple vehicle transporters, bum knees, and palpable excitement for a 0.0 break from running…


Warm Up

VQ Russian Roulette – Great job boys! You never know when your # will be called. As always: be ready.

  • Kiffin: SSH x 10ish – IC
  • Garfield: Imperial Walkers x 10ish – IC
  • Voo Doo: Cotton Picker x 10ish – IC

The Thang

Greta 1-2-3

P1 starts on 50 Rocky’s – burpee with coupon (sandbag for this beatdown). P2 mosey’s across field and back with the sandbag. Then P2 picks up on the Rockee’s where P1 got to. Rinse and Repeat.

100 front squats. YHC incorrectly called this a thruster, creating plenty of mumble chatter. Beatdowns would not be fun without mumble chatter – you’re welcome!

150 overhead presses.

** Hostile Takeover Attempt #1 – Bloodhound trying to get into HB’s head with some flutter-kick action. But HB would have none of it. When the six is in, they’re in! **

Dora 1-2-3…4?

P1 starts on 100 squats. P2 runs to the 50 yd line and back. Both PAX runs to 100 yd line, then P2 starts on squats where P1 finished. Rinse and repeat run sequence through the entire routine.

200 plank jacks

300 SSH

** Team 33.3 with some major math problems here. Let’s go back to the tape to inspect their “counting” methods, shall we? **

400 Raise da Roofs (Cancelled!)

After we audibled out after the SSH and finished Manning’s demented Dora routine, we knocked out some Mary. LBC x 20 – IC / Jay Lo x 10 – IC

Pick your sandbags and mosey to the bleachers…for some..

Box jump burpees and curls.

Homeboy obviously needs to improve communication skills. Things got really confusing here. The explanation below is the way YHC planned for this to go down:

Round 1 – P1 does 10 curls with the sandbag. P2 does box -ump burpees until P1 finishes 10 curls. Flapjack.

** Hostile Takeover Attempt #2 – Babyface with the solid attempt to shut things down with a forceful “STOP” that was summarily dismissed by Homeboy – attaboy HB! Y’all can hug it out later! **

Round 2 – P1 does 20 curls with the sandbag. P2 does box-jump burpees until P1 finishes 20 curls.

** Major crop-dusting SBD action by a stealth bomber. Props to Garfield for stepping up and taking credit. Veteran move right there… **

Round 3 – 30 curls and box jump burpees. (same as above)

Round 4 – 40 curls and box jump burpees. (same as above)

Mosey back to the Flag…for some…


Freddy Mercury x 30 – IC (Legionnaire)

LBC x 10 – IC (Garfield)


At exactly 08:00 we tied a pretty bow on this one and entered the distraction-free zone of the CoT. First the HEMI/Fia/Cricket Guest/Bloodhound pick up, followed by several side convo’s, followed by Babyface’s head nearly exploding – Scanner’s style.  Good times!

Several announcements dominated the CoT – F3Dads at The Braves, Donuts for Moms, Avery and Sequoyah Park launches (Cricket was sure to re-emphasize 0.0)

Prayers that went unspoken today but are always in our hearts and on our minds. Continue to bless F3 and all the lives that have been impacted by this amazing group of men!

C&T – out!


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