Kodiak Invasion

AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/22/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): FNG Lowes, FNG Sparkles, FNG Gargamel, Ha Ha, Spandex, Nacho Libre, Mayhem, Miller Time, Cookie, Lawdog, C4, Crack, Hombre, Special K, Pulte, The Mole, Scar, Smurfette, Westside, Manning, Homeboy, TitleMax, Zima

There once was a group named Kodiak
Down from the North did they attack
With coffee to pour
And smiles galore
Good chatter and high spirits they didn’t lack

There once was a man named Crack
Who said that warm-ups be whack
But I don’t agree
And though Crack we did see
SSH, IW and weed pickers for the pack

There once was a guy named Devito
Who thought that burpees were neat-o
To FOD hill we did run
A set of elevens for fun
With burpees and A hammers on your seat-o

There once was a gazelle named Miller Time
Who felt that donkey kicks were fine
So on the wall by the playground
24 PAX feet they did pound
10-to-1 donkey kicks, pull-ups and squats so sublime

There once was a woman named Mary
As to this reference, vexed I am very
But to the flag we did run
To beat the rise of the sun
To shred our core at the end we didn’t tarry

COT / Moleskin

Prayers for a family that has lost a loved one and for healing for family members battling illness.

Great to have our Kodiak brothers down this morning.  Definitely amped up the mumble chatter.  Some friendly competitive ribbing for sure.  Thanks to Homeboy for the coffee.

A hearty welcome to 3 FNG’s this morning – Lowes, Sparkles and Gargamel.  Great work hanging through the beatdown.

Highlight of the morning was probably having the whole crew doing burpees for the “six” at the playground … then finding out the guy wasn’t even part of our crew.

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