“This one time at band camp…..”


It was a cold morning but the band plays on! 5 PAX showed up ready to march to the beat of a different drummer. It was Skynyrd’s VQ so a little patience was needed by the PAX. A little hint was given, via the watercooler, that we were headed to Band Camp this morning. PAX may have been confused and concerned we’d be practicing our scales and marching in formation but that was not what Skynyrd had in mind.

Skynyrd called everyone to mosey down the parking lot. When we reached the end, we did an about face and retraced our steps back to the flag. A drop of the tailgate and a click on the phone screen set Band Camp in motion. Any true Southern Gentlemen has to appreciate the sounds of a true Southern Rock Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd! Merely two notes in, blasting from the ghetto blaster (not too loud so not to disturb the peace), PAX recognized the tune Gimme Three Steps. Skynyrd led PAX in a Jazzercise-esque routine of mosey in place, high knees, butt kicks, side straddle hops, merkins, arm circles, star jumps, cotton pickers, and goof balls, until the melodic tune faded away. This dance was a sight to behold!

The Thang

Now that we were warmed up, we grabbed our instruments (exercises bands…get it? Band Camp?). We proceeded to partner up and perform 100 reps of biceps curls, triceps extensions, x-band high pulls, and shoulder presses. While one partner moseyed about 200 yards, the other was on the band. Each partner contributed to completing the reps. We felt the burn and got swole!

Next was a mosey to the turf field for Band Camp 6-Pack Blackjack! We performed LBC’s and American Hammers on opposite sidelines. The rep number equaled 21 when both sides were combined. Well…actually…it was more like 42 as all exercises were completed in a four count. All PAX got beach-ready just in time for spring break right around the corner.


As all great camp experiences do, this one came to an end as we ran out of time. We moseyed back to the flag for the COT. We prayed for comfort for Bengal’s and Skynyrd’s families who recently lost loved ones. We asked for blessings for Dash, his son, and his dad who’ll be braving the AT this weekend. We prayed for continued success of Firehouse and all PAX in our community.

Dash and his picnic basket did not disappoint. Coffeeteria time was relaxing and rewarding like the amber blaze of a campfire at the end of a long day. Tales were embellished and told. Heroics of yesteryear were shared and celebrated. Before long, the sun came up in the east and another great F3 morning was upon us. We extinguished the Coffeeteria Campfire with remnants of our tin(ish) cups. We bid our farwells and happy trails, rolled up the shovelflag and road off into the sunrise.

Blessings…and Go Dawgs!

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