When: 03/21/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Sunshine, Piggy, Boomer, Ralphie, and Jimbo (sort of)

5 PAX to start and 6 PAX to finish for a cool start to a Wednesday morn.  YHC had something totally different in mind for our #beatdown today, but called an audible based on the PAX at hand.  They looked hungry for a challenge so I channeled my inner Crack or Foghorn or LawDawg or Davito or whichever PAX likes to go far and fast at the Tuesday offering named after the popular children’s book with big Christian themes written by a really smart Christian author who was once an atheist.

Here’s what happened:

Electric Merkin Mile: 10 merkins at the tall light poles to the crossroads up 141 to where Wilson Road crosses.  Switched to Burpees for the lead PAX half way through.  We enjoyed the smell of donuts and bacon in our travel, but none were had.

Planked for the 6

Short mosey down to nearby playground where we set up four pain stations: Pull-ups, Dips, Jump-ups, and Bear Up/Down Merkins… 4 grabbed a station (10 reps and switch) AMRoundsAP, while the 5th ran up to the big hill.  Switch out the runner when he got back.

Once 4/5s had a turn we switched over BLIMPS for our pain station.

Mosey all the way back with some core pain stations on the way back.

We found JIMBO back at the flag, who had been spending his time trying to find us in the #gloom while not getting arrested.  I’ll just let this sit, but know there was some serious #mumblechatter regarding his whereabouts.

No time for MOM.

COT: Praying for the injured, praise for Sparty’s new baby, travelling mercies for the Boomer family, and some other stuff too.

Good Coffeeteria time…Boomer to post our next read to the board.





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