AO: Caney Creek

When: 03/21/2018

QIC: Pothole

PAX (): Cosmic Bandito, Sunshine, JR (FNG), Moonshine, McGillicuddy, Greenhouse (FNG), Mulligan, Pony Clamp, Bieber (FNG), Twitch (FNG), Sparky (FNG), IHOP, Saint 2.0, Stay Puft, Nacho Libre, Pothole, Ha-ha

Seventeen Pax with five FNG’s able to escape the seductive grip of our collective fartsacks this cold and windy morning!!!


  • Quick Mosey around the blacktop followed by:
  • SSH 15x
  • On Your Six Toe Touch – Four Count – 8x
  • Squats – 12x

Bearmuda Triangle:

  • Three stations setup in a triangle.
  • First Set:  Bear crawl with 10 burpees at each station
  • Second Set:  Crab crawl with 10 merkins at each station
  • Third Set:  Reverse crab crawl with 10 LBCs each station

The Thang:

Ha-Ha brought 9 of his 30-40 pound girlfriends with him each equipped with two handles for extra grip.  With 17 Pax I needed to modify as needed so we partnered up for Dora style thang:

While your partner is running up thirty stairs you start 100 squats with your coupon.  Upon return you take over where he left off and he runs the stairs.  Repeat until finished with 100 squats, 100 curls, and 100 skull crushers.

For those finishing early Ha-Ha took the reins and led us through some LBCs and scissor kicks to make sure we were getting our money’s worth.

For kicks and jiggles added 25 merkins with coupon on your back while partner supported your efforts with continuous LBCs until you complete.  Then rinse and repeat with partner doing merkins with coupon.

No picnic here:

Over to the picnic tables where we did two sets of:

  • Step ups – 20x
  • Derkins – 15x
  • Dips – 15x


Mosey’d back to blacktop where we learned about our five FNGs and bestowed new F3 names on each one.

Welcome FNGs from No Longer Bound:

  • JR
  • Greenhouse
  • Bieber
  • Sparky
  • Twitch

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