Rusty’s March Warm-Up

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/02/2018

QIC: Rusty

PAX (): AFLAC, iBEAM, Grease Money, TP, Turbine, Rooney, Sprocket, SqueeGee, GOAT, Doogie

This was my second Q.  We had a  good group and my thought was to refresh with some exercises we haven’t done in a while.  Let’s mosey!

Warm Up
Imperial Walker 15x
Cotton Picker 15x
Windmills 15x

The Hill

We mosey’s to the hill by the baseball diamond.  As a group, we haven’t ran the hill in quite some time, so it was time for a refresher.

The PAX was to deliver on a set of 7 reps.  1 Spider-Man Merkin at the top of the hill, 6 squats.  Run up the hill, 2 Spider-Man Merkins, roll down the hill, 5 squats (and so on).  Plank until the 6 come in.  Let’s mosey to the football field.

Let’s Wheel Barrel

We partnered up on the goal-line.  We wheel barrel to the 25 yard line, 50 merkins as a team, Switch and wheel barrel to the 50 yard line. As a team, 80 big boy sit-ups.  Switch and wheel barrel to the other 25 yard line.  As a team, 80 mountain climbers.  Wheel barrel to the goal line.  20 burpees as a team.  Then, run backwards to the starting goal line.  Rinse and repeat a second time.

Morning Call – 6 inches

The PAX laid on their back on the goal line.  We kicked off leg lifts 6 inches above the ground.  The first person in line runs a sprint to the 25 yard line and back.  Next member of the PAX follows with a sprint to the 25 and back, all the while the PAX maintains their 6 inches.  As a group, we held it until the last of the group finished their sprint.  A brief 10-count to recover, then we mosey to the playground.

Morning Call (Traditional)

All but one PAX gets into push-up position and hold the up position while one guy counts off doing 5 pull-ups. Every time a pull-up is called out, the PAX does a merkin. After 5 pull-ups, he joins the PAX and the next guy gets up and calls out his 5 pull-ups. The cycle continues until all have performed 5 pull-ups. No one leaves the push-up position unless it’s his turn to call out pull-ups or until all calls have been made.  By the time the last of the PAX was completing their set of pull-ups, the PAX completed their last set of merkins (through screams and grunts).

Mosey’d to the flag, where we did some Mary exercises until we hit time.  Thanks to the group for a great effort.



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