Day n Nite

AO: Paragon

When: 03/21/2018

QIC: Wham-O

PAX (): Titlemax, Papa John, Spaceballs, Katniss, Yogi, Smurfette, Palin, Cuban, Hooch, Kiffin, Good Hands, Fleetwood, Baywatch, Little Caesar, Garfield, Primo, Homeboy, Nomad, Ricky Bobby, Hasbro, Thrasher, Fudd, Wham-O.

23 Pax escaped the clutches of the fartsake for some warm weather for a change! After some brief chatter about the previous nights storms, we moseyed to the elementary school for some warm up and introduction to Kid Cudi. It being the vernal equinox, Kid Cudi’s Day n Night (nightmare) was on YHC’s. mind.

I ain’t ridin’ no waves, too busy makin’ my own waves.


15 SSH

10 dancing bears

10 windmills

30 seconds of sun gods.

The Thang

PAX moseyed down the hill in front of the school for a modified Spartan to celebrate the 12 hours of daylight. PAX performed sundials up the hill, sprinted the parking lot, then finished with 10 merkins at the sidewalk. Slow mosey back and air chair for the 6. Eventually some extra moseying was added so no man would be left behind. We did this on each hour for a total of 12.

After a quick round of Freddy Mercury to regroup, PAX were broken up into four lines for Bear Crawl/Crab walk Indian runs. The line would perform AMRAP merkins while the six bear crawled to point. After a cycle, PAX switched to LBCs while the six crab walked to point. Made it through 2 rounds of each before we went back to the flag for 1 minute of flutter kicks to close us out.

Name O Rama


New AOs are opening week after spring break. Babyface has put together several great F3DAD events. 3rd F on April 14th, talk to Smurfette.

YHC made a call during Day n Nite’s on the 11th “hour,” make this your best. Then, ridiculously, on the 12th hour, make this one better. I think this is the philosophy behind “acceleration,” you don’t save any in the tank, but still push to be stronger and faster through the beat down. YHC hopes we can accelerate all our lives, and not leave for later what good thing we can do now.

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