A Bear with a burp

AO: The Firehouse

When: 03/20/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Bengal, Dash, Skynyrd, Reuben

The calm after the storm brought a total 5 PAX to submission this morning.  With a little improv and new routines in mind, YHC had a few tricks up his sleeve that would hopefully suprise this eager group.

Mosey down the path toward the lower parking lot for warm-up:


SSH x 10(IC)

3 Burpees

SSH x 10(IC)

6 Burpees

SSH x 10(IC)

9 Burpees

Tin man x 10(IC)

The Thang

Mosey back up  hill for Lunges- for 50 yards- 3rd light pole and quick mosey to curb for 2 rounds-30 dips and 30 derkins.

Quick side step to playground for a new plank routine for the PAX (trust me, this one looked a lot easier on paper). PAX circled up:  Plank walk (Maktar’s) to the right around circle w/ 5 merkins IC- hold the plank.  Plank walk left-5 merkins IC and hold plank- Right hand, left hand, and 6 inch plank hold-recover.

We did 2 rounds total and increased our merkins to 7 reps IC for round 2.

Mosey towards soccer field, but not before doing lunges for 50 more yards. PAX were catching on quick with a little mumble chatter along the way thanks to Dash.

Hit the field for a little bear crawl fun with a catch- Bearpees routine:  PAX starts at the line and do 4 count bearcrawl with 1 burpee till you reach mid field-1:4 ratio.  We did 4 rounds mid field and back.  Ending with 4:16 ratio.  Merlot may have been spilt, but well worth it.

With time to spare we headed over to picnic benches for 3 rounds- box jumps x 20 OYO and step-ups(10 L and 10 R) x 20 IC and finished strong with fight still in us.

We wrapped up our morning with flutters, V-ups, LBC’s, and crunchy frogs all IC x 20.


Reminder to bring in the sad clowns and those men in need of community.

-Braves game May 6th

-Come out to new AO “The Zoo,” Saturday’s at 7am. Great inaugural showing this past weekend.

Prayers for Bengal and family- loss of mother in law.

Dash- hiking trip with father and his son this weekend.

Prayers for Skynyrd and family over loss of M’s grandmother.





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