Poles or Partners?


When: 03/19/2018

QIC: Hombre

PAX (): Netti Lite, Gandhi, BloodHound, LawDog, C-4, Thumper, Frenchie, Banjo, The Mole, HomeBoy, Manning, BabyFace, WestSide, Harp, Woody, Primo, Nomad, Yogi, WhamO, VooDoo, Tiny, Misty, CrowBar

Part-ner:  a) a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others b) either of two people dancing together or playing a game or sport on the same side.  (There were other definitions that I opted not to include as this might have caused too much degenerative discussion)

Pole:  a) a long, slender, rounded piece of wood or metal, typically used with one end placed in the ground as a support for something  b) a linear or square rod.


WarmUp:  Brisk run from the flag to the back of the High School to circle up for some cadenced SSH-25, Wind Mills-10 and Imperial Walkers-10.

Catch Me If You Can:  Grab a partner, any partner and while one starts a backward run, the other performs 5 Mer-pees and sprints to tag their partner for relief.  Two laps gave us enough opportunity to switch out 4-5 times.   Once completed, planked it up for the 6 with plenty of mumble-chatter on the right hand / left hand interchanges.  There was hope to end with this, but alas – we can always leave something for another day.

POLES:  (nothing against the wonderful citizens of Poland)  At the bus lanes, there were plenty of poles for the 24 men to select one to make their own.  HomeBoy and LawDog were ready to twirl and swirl on the poles, but the square shape of the poles impeded their performance.

1:  three rounds of POLE-ROWS (right and left) / BBSUS  for 20 reps.  Once the three rounds were completed then WALL SITS for the 6.

intermission: from the curb at the bus lane SPIDERMAN CRAWLS across and jog back.  2 rounds and REVERSE PLANK for the 6.   Slowly the mumble-chatter waned.

2: three rounds of MERKINS and BBSU for 20 reps.  WALL SIT for the 6.

intermission: from the curb, MONKEY HUMPER HOPS across and jog back for 2 rounds and  REVERSE PLANK for the 6.

3: three rounds of PARTNER ROWS and CAROLINA DRY DOCKS for 20 reps.  WALL SIT for the 6.  This grouping accelerated the mumble-chatter and there were requests for shirts to be removed.

intermission: from the curb, BEAR CRAWL across and jog back for 2 rounds and REVERSE PLANK for the 6.

As with all good things, an end must come along with the rain that started up.  We moseyed the long way back to the FLAG where we circled up for the well missed BloodHound 60 count FLUTTER KICKS and Misty’s  10 count CRUNCHY FROGS along with LawDog’s 10 count J-LOs.

Announcements:   April 14 Ft. Benning SPARTAN RACE,  May 6 BRAVES GAME with 2.0s, May 19 BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE RACE.

COT:  Remember to pray for the 2 new AOs to be launched at AVERY and SEQUOYAH as they start and the SAD CLOWNS that will be joining.  Keep “The Mole Trip” in your prayers as lives are changed.

PARTNERS OR POLES:  What is your preference?  “As iron sharpens iron, so one partner sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17  Thanks for your partnership at THE KODIAK and in F3 – together we are stronger – united we stand!   Reach out to someone you have not seen or heard from in a while and check in on them.  No man left behind!

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