Opening Day at The Zoo !

AO: The Zoo

When: 03/17/2018

QIC: Olaf, The Body

PAX (): Swiper, Snake, Clyde, Whiz, Beans, Dash, FNG Snowden, FNG Goose

The Body took the Q for round 1. He started with a brief disclaimer for the FNG’s and a short Mosey to the center of the Field for a warm up

– 15 SSh

– 15 Windmill

– 15 Imperial Walkers

– 15 Finkle Swings Each Leg

Load the ZOO

5 Burpees to pay the toll at the beginning of every round

– Frog Hop 15 yds and do 10 Mericans

– Bear Crawl/ 10 Mericans

– Duck Walk/ 10 Mericans

– Crab Walk/ 10 Mericans

– Inch Worms/ 10 Mericans


– Frog Hop 15 yds and do 20 Squats

– Bear Crawl/ 20 Squats

– Duck Walk/ 20 Squats

– Crab Walk/ 20 Squats

– Inch Worms/ 20 squats

Mosey Over to the Hill for 11s

10 Star Jumps at the Bottom of the hill 1 Groiner at the top

9 Star jumps/2 groiner

So on and so fourth

The Body handed off the reins to me, Olaf, for the second half of the beat down. We moseyed down to the football field and circled up for a few rounds of howling monkeys. Next up was a 4 corners routine with a 5 burpee toll. We started in the middle then ran to corner 1 for 20 Gorilla Humpers then ran back to the center for 5 burpees; corner 2 for 30 lbc’s, back to center for 5 burpees; corner 3 for 20 Lt. Dans, back to center for 5 burpees; corner 4 for 30 Reverse Lbc’s, back to center for 5 burpees. Next we took a trip down route 66 and made 10 stops for descending Peter Parkers along the way. We needed a break from the running do we circled up for 10 sets of 1 x 4’s. x1 = American Hammers and x4 = Overhead Press. Ascending counts till we reached 10 American Hammers and 40 Overhead Presses. With a few minutes to spare, took another trip down Route 66 with descending Merkins at each stop.

With little time to spare we moseyed back to the flag for Mary. While on our sixes we knocked out box cutters and flutter kicks. Then J-Lo showed up before we finished up with Copperhead Squats.

We counted off 10 PAX and began the namorama. With 2 FNG’s to be named we dug into their past and present to discover Snowden and Goose. Then off to Lake Burrito for a 2nd F gathering.

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