Happy Birthday Misty

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 03/17/2018

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Babyface, Cricket, Harp, Homeboy, Manning, Misty, Garfield, Dory, Hombre, Crowbar, Mickey, Primo, The Mole, Nomad, VooDoo, Fleetwood, Banjo, Spaceballs, Bloodhound

Winter is slowly loosing it’s hold on us as we continue to show our strength and fight the fart sac in order to post and get stronger. I have been out for a week and a few days. Missing the group I decided to run the group through the ringer with a mixture of logs, sand babies, and burpee’s

So On With it…

Started off with a little mosey to the truck where all the toys were just waiting for a stroll around the Hurt Locker.

Warm Up:
Cherry pickers

The Thang
We split up into two groups (1 and 2)

I gave group 2 first choice:

  1. Lap with two logs, Group carries the log around the 1.3-mile track.
  2. Lap with all the Sand Babies. Group carries all sand babies around the 1.3-mile track.
  3. Burpee mile (37 burpee’s at each of the 5 post, 185 total)

Group 2 chose the logs followed by a Burpee mile

Group 1 did the burpee mile, Homeboys favorite of all time. (You are Welcome) followed by a lap with the sand babies.

A special shout out to Mist who turns 37 today and for selecting the burpee repetitions for the mile.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time and only completed 2 laps although a great time was had by all.


  • Primo –  announced he was working on a small family fun race he is putting on looking for assistance and ideas.
  • Babyface – May 19th announced the Aquaman is putting together 5 mike ruck for fundraising for Veterans.
  • Voodoo’s son is fundraising with Pine straw sales and delivery.
  • Prayers for those on travel and traveling next week.
  • Prayers for Banjo’s kin who had a house fire.

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