AO: Candy Creek

When: 03/14/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): McGillicuddy, Cosmic Bandito, Mulligan, Stay Puff, Sunshine, Pony Clip, HaHa, Nacho Libre, PotHole, IHop, Moon Shine

Candy Creek – When HaHa tweeted out that we were moving the location of the AO YHC couldn’t have been more excited.  There are stairs, a circle path, and what looks like a nice grass hill on the backside. What isn’t available is light.  All pax could us a headlamp. So when you decide to come over to the Candyland bring a light and remember that the beatdown starts at 5:15.

The warm up:  Backwards bear crawl or crawl bear up the stairs.  11 SSH, 11 squats, 11 plank jacks, and 11 merkins.  

The thang: Get in groups of three.  A modified Cookiesome. One partner in plank the other grabs his feet.  One partner does 15 merkins while the partner grabbing his feet does 15 squats.  The third partner takes a lap around the track. Each partner cycles through twice.  Plank for the 6.

Now mosey back down the stairs.  Partner wheelbarrow. Stop at each landing for 10 burpees for a total of 30.  Back down the stairs and flapjack for the other partner. This time 10 stargrabers at the landings.  

Next up 11’s on the stairs.  Merkins at the top and squats at the bottom.  

The pax finished with a few dips and step ups and a minute of mary.  


  • Always an honor to lead this group of men.
  • 6 pax from NLB today! I think Sunshine, IHOP and PotHole are doing some recruiting.  
  • The mumble chatter is growing at Candy Creek.  This morning YHC heard “this feels like withdrawal” and “don’t worry it feels much better afterward.”   


Stay Puff giving his testimony at a local christian school.  

Cosmic Bandito birthday is coming up and his family coming intown for visitation.  

McGillicuddy getting to see his family


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