33 Degrees Poison – You Owe me Huge!!


When: 03/20/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Snake Oil, Abba, Fish, Stripper, Rubber Cheese, FNG (Ricardo), Moonshine

YHC rec’d an email from our brother Poison yesterday, looking for a reprieve to mend for another day, and YHC complied. Yikes!! 33 Degrees…without the wind!!

Warm-O-Rama: (All IC) SSH (x20), Imp. Walkers (x20) Stone Mt. (x15) Squats (x20) and Windmills (x20)

Lunge to the line, backwards run to the curb, High Knees to the line, backwards run to the curb, 50% all the way across, mosey back. (x2)

The Thang: Mosey to the front of the school for partner dips and merkins (x3) 10 reps/each exercise and each partner

Mosey to the hidden corner for alternating 60 second planks and wall sits (x2 each)

Mosey back to the front for Mary: (All IC) Low Flutter (x20) LBC (x20) Low Dolly (x20) Dying Cock-Roach (x15) Obliques (left and right)(x10) High Dolly (x20)

Down to the pit of misery: 2 Sets of Step-ups and Incline Merkins (x20)

Mosey to the south lot for five rousing rounds of 50, 75,100 with a backside mosey

Circle up for one more plank set and 10 hand release merkins (OYO)

On your feet for cool down – all IC and x20 – SSH, Imp Walker, Squats and Windmills.

COT – Abba took us out

FNG – Ricardo (don’t ask – too long)

We were rejoined by Snake Oil and Rubber Cheese and Moonshine is becoming a fixture around Dunwoody.

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