Rain and Pain

AO: Fire Swamp

When: 03/12/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Olaf, Ha-ha

March has been madness for YHC and the saga of the IT band.  I took last week off hoping I would improve this week…

Olaf rolled in about 0528 (or 0428 if you refuse to participate in DST). He unloaded Oakley for our run and at 0530 we headed down to the woods with a light drizzle falling.  A 1/4 mile later I was walking with my right IT band still refusing to participate. No use in trying to push this type of injury. So it was a walking Fire Swamp today. A total of 2.8 miles south to Union Hill Road and back. Olaf did not seem to be disappointed as he has run two 5 mile runs in the last week. Oakley we enthusiastic for the whole trip.

A sad morning for YHC as I am now looking for a replacement for my spot on the Ragnar team.  If you are interested in a great adventure with 5 other runners on a 200 mile road relay let me know. We can get you plugged in.


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