Lickers of Farts

AO: Hoppy Like

When: 03/09/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): El Matador, Whiz, Zima, TO, Devito

5 PAX braved the chilly morning to join me for a fartlek workout. Just to clear the air, I am well aware of the correct terminology for this style workout. That said, the misnomer “fart lick” is much more fun to work with for a teaser tweet. It drew a good response from Lawdog but was apparently not intriguing enough to lure him south for the run. With the air cleared, oh come all he lickers of farts and let’s unleash our inner rabbit.

We kicked off with a short run over to the old Milton running track. Here began OYO fartleks. Sprint the straight aways and jog the round end sections. Target was 2 miles or 16 sprints. At this point, El Matador morphed into a gazelle and lapped the whole crew. He really is focused on being ready to rock the Ragnar. As most completed their 2 miles, we gathered to exit the track. Here we split into Groups A & B. Both made a loop down to Wills Rd and over to Rucker (Merpee Mile territory). Group A ran on to enter Wills Park at the Equestrian center and looped through the park before returning. Group B took the straight shot up the Rucker hill back to our start point.


Prayers for the upcoming launch of the Zoo and for healing of our injured F3Alpha PAX.

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  1. My M was out of town so I was on 2.0 duty. Had I been able would likely been intrigued enough to post for atleast some good mumble chatter.


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