Burpees, Bear Crawls, B2W Fun

AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/08/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Cookie, MillerTime, Jackalope, Spandex, Scar,Commie, Krueger, Moonshine, Special K, Nacho Zima

11 pax showed up for a cold Thursday morning beatdown. We were joined by Coomie from Birmingham.  – Welcome! Before I begin my next Q I should do a lap around the parking lot just in case everyone feels like having some Moonshine before our beatdown….

We started with a mosey over to the parking lot by the playground.


SSH, Hillbilly, Weedpicker and then everyone’s favorite the circle burp.  As we were about to start, a hint of Moonshine was shining from the sidewalk and lo and behold, it was!

The Thang

After warmup a mosey to the playground.  First, PAX partnered up.  Partner one started will pull-ups.  While the other partner ran across the bridge for as many burpees as possible.  Rep count on pull ups was: 10-8-6-4-2

Next, a stop at the wall for a Balls to the wall 30 sec hold or hold for as long as you can.  MillerTime was the winner.

Then a mosey over to the hill next to Field of Dreams for Triple Nickel.  Start at bottom of hill, run to the top and do 5 reps of the exercise the Q called. Then run back down the hill for 5 reps of merkins.  Rinse and repeat 5x up and down the hill.  Exercises at the top were: copperhead squat, plank-jack, LBC’s, American Hammers and Mountain Climbers.  Merkins at the bottom were: Regular Merkin, Diamond , wide grip and staggered.

Once finished, onto Field of Dreams for an “almost cycle” exercise around the bases.  Start at home plate:  Bear crawl to 1B, 3 burpees.  Lunge walk back to Home.  Bear Crawl to 1B then 2B for  6 burpees.  Lunge walk all the way back to home.  Then bear crawl all the way around the bases to 3B for 9 burpees.  Lunge walk back to home.  Then a mosey to the pavilion for a brief round of 40 dips.  Then back to the flag for one round of Mary (Dolly’s)


Prayer’s for those battling illness and injury.  Prayers for MillerTime’s proposal on an office park for his business.

Thanks for joining us Commie from Birmingham!

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