Girlfriend Tour

AO: WidowMaker

When: 03/10/2018


PAX (): Zohan, Dosido, Special K, Moonshine, M.T.

It was a feeling today would be a low water mark for the Widowmaker attendance with several regulars on the mend or at their lake home for the weekend.  Sure enough we had 5 faithful with 3 of us accepting the challenge of the double session.

We took a warm up lap around the parking lot loop to start and then some warm up exercises.  Next YHC dropped the tailgate and everyone knows when the tailgate drops the bullsh*t stops.  Sure enough a pile of HaHa’s girlfriends given to YHC on loan were waiting.  37 pounds of love for each pax and off we went on the trail system to the top of HaHa hill (just named it that since his first Q with the Bulgarian ladies was spent going up and down for about 50 minutes).  Anyway, back to the scene of that fateful day for a redo but this time for 7’s.  Down to the bottom with the girlfriend for presses, back to the top for girlfriend burpees until we reversed the numbers.  3 of us did a 7th lap for unity with the six.  On to the top of Widowmaker hill where we dropped and did a little Mary / Mercan combo to catch our breath.  On to the parking lot where we gave the girls a break while we did the classic defensive line drill down one lot and back up the other.  This was impressive tight formation.  On to the playground swings for some partner swerkin / skull crusher, upright row, curl work – 20,15,10 swerkins.  On to the building for partner BTTW timed sessions (Moonshine averted landing on his head narrowly – dang I forgot to deliver that disclaimer again)

Back and across the turf field to drop the bags right at 8.

Discussion about Zohan’s new job search
Discussion about amping up recruiting efforts (obviously needed)

Great effort by all today, 7 miles for the double session, all with weight.
Dosi and SpecialK pushing hard on the hill session, Zohan and Moonshine pushed themselves to the limit on the BTTW.

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