Failure Friday

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 03/09/2018

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (): Saint 2o, Boomer, Jimbo, Piggie, Flo, Scrooge

Failure Friday wasn’t YHC’s original intent, but it became patently obvious that’s what was happening at almost every station – my arms are still shaking.  A little smaller crowd than a usual Friday.  Perhaps the Promise686 warriors got a little over indulgent the evening before and decided to fartsack?  Here’s how it went down…

Warm Up:

SSHs & Hill Billy’s

The Thang:

12 Station bootcamp style – 45 seconds per station, 10 seconds in between:

  1. Balls to the wall with balls: simply put, balls to the wall while moving a 12lbs medicine ball between your hands. There was moaning…
  2. Weighted dips with coupon in lap
  3. Alternating step-ups with coupon
  4. Abyss Merkins between the picnic tables
  5. TRX mountain climbers – another fail here on YHC’s part as it took way too long to get your feet in the straps. Modify to regular mountain climbers…
  6. Blockees
  7. Uber Derkins – feet super elevated on top of a picnic table for these. It didin’t take a lot.
  8. Ruck bear-crawl steps – with 35lbs ruck on, bear crawl up the steps, do 5 merkins, come down
  9. Burp-ups
  10. Weighted lunges holding coupon
  11. American hammers with 30lbs coupon
  12. 60lbs curls

We finished it up off with around the world Mary:

  1. LBCs
  2. Dolly
  3. Flo jumps (or some other name someone came up with that YHC can’t remember)
  4. Gas Pumpers
  5. Dying (or Dead) Cockroach
  6. 10 OYO Merkins


Prayers for Jimbo and some things they doing at work, for YHC’s daughter who has to have surgery in a few weeks, Flo’s family as it’s been a year since his dad has passed away and also for the Stephens.

Always an honor to Q these men!

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