Test Time

YHC decided it had been long enough since our last PT Test at the Big Creek and with some new faces showing up, as well as some old friends disappearing Looking at you Darth Visor I thought now was as good as any.

With the 3 PAX showing up right at 5:30 we head of into the gloom.


SSH  X  15
SunsGods  X  20
Cotton Mills  X  15
Alabama Ass Kickers  X  20

The Thang:

Head down to the track for test

2:00 AMRAP of Merkins
2:00 AMRAP of Sit-ups
2 mile run

While the run was quicker we still had just enough time to make it back to the flag for COT.

  •   Glad to hear Swiper had a great trip to the Ice Palace with his M.  Great example of how we all need to take some time and remember why we should schedule some time away from the 2.0’s and enjoy our M’s.
  •   Looking forward to launch of The Zoo on 3/17 in Cumming
  •   Big Creek will be setting up an F3 Tent at the dirty spokes race so anybody interested feel free to swing by and hang out.  M’s and 2.0’s welcome.





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