Bobby HURLies & Splashing Mer…NO!

[Editors note: a couple of near yak attacks inspired today’s title. Way to keep it together, boys!]

Where: The Paragon

The Pax:

Good Hands, Baywatch, Titlemax, Katniss, Spaceballs, Fud, Tiny, Ricky Bobby, Premo, Garfield, Dosido, Woody, Pulte, Cuban, Fleetwood, Manning, Papa John, Thrasher, Wiggum, Crowbar, Lil’ Ceasar (FNG), Palin (FNG)


Smurfette (VQ)

After getting a taste on Tuesday, YHC led through my official VQ this morning at the Paragon. The night before, I wrestled through all kinds of pre-game jitters but received nothing but support from the 22 Pax who posted…even after 15 minutes of buddy carries and jump lunges. Let it be known that Cuban, 64 (respect!), smoked everyone out of the gate and set the pace on the first leg of the beatdown! Great work from everyone at the Paragon, especially the 2 FNG’s who embraced the suck. Sidenote: Papa John invited an FNG, so it just made sense to name him Lil’ Caesar!


– Burpees x 10 x IC

– Sun gods

– Mt. Climbers x 10 x IC

– Finkle Swings x 10 each leg

The Thang

NF(3)L Combine Prep – Partner-Up

Starting at one end of the MS bus lot, Partner 1 performs a 40-yard-buddy-carry-dash to the other end. Both partners perform 10 Merkins. Partner 2 carries on the way back. Both partners perform 10 Jump Lunges.

Continue for 4 total rounds with reps for Merkins and Jump Lunges increasing by 10 each round.

Filthy Fifty – All Pax grab a medium size coupon

– 50 Front Squats

– 50 Overhead Press

– 50 Curls

– 50 American Hammers

– 3 Hill Sprints from MS entrance to the stop sign

Head to Flag for 5MoM


– Prayer requests for multiple loved ones who suffered strokes

– Pax missing their secretary/administrative assistant Homeboy

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