4 Stations at the Hurt Locker

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 03/03/2018

QIC: Homeboy

PAX (): Frenchy, Law Dog, Satellite, Banjo, Fleetwood, Babyface, Harp, Smurfette, Cricket, Ricky Bobby, Westside. Yogi, Floppy, Mole, and Voo Doo

To say YHC was excited to Q a beatdown at the Hurt Lock is an understatement. As Dredd says in Freed to Lead, it is exhilarating to lead men. YHC may “mess up” during the Q from time to time but that is part of leadership.  Fail fast and fail forward. Another important part of leadership is to not take yourself serious and have fun.  Banjo, Babyface, and Smurfette had me laughing so hard it was difficult to stay on track (which is not hard for me to lose focus). YHC was proud to see stronger numbers from The Paragon post at the Hurt Locker. It was awesome to kick off the weekend with you men. Thank you for the impact each of you have made on my life in such a short period of time.


  • Mosey, High Knees, Side to Side
  • SSH x 15 x IC
  • Hillbilly’s x 12 x IC
  • Elevator Merkins x 10 x IC
  • Mosey, Side to Side, Karaoke

The Thang

  • Bear Crawl 11’s
    • Burpees at the bottom of the hill
    • Bear crawl up the hill
    • Carolina Dry Docks at the top of the hill
    • Mosey down – Rinse & Repeat through
  • 4 Stations – 1 minute (or 60 seconds) per exercise – rotate to next station after all exercises are complete
    • Station 1: SSH w/ coupon, jump lunges w/ coupon, and mountain climbers
    • Mosey one lap around the field
    • Station 2: Plank jacks, BBS, and flutter kicks
    • Station 3: Merkins, burpees, dips at picnic tables
    • Mosey one lap around the field
    • Station 4: Swings, squat and press w/ coupon, and curls w/ coupons
  • Charles Bronson

At starting point on field, perform 50 SSH’s, sprint to 1st tree, then bear crawl to sign. Mosey back to start, 50 Shoulder Taps then rinse/repeat. 50 american hammers, rinse/repeat. 50 LBC’s, rinse/repeat.


YHC read from my 2.0’s daily devotional. Check it out:

Prayers and Announcements:

  • Law Dog worked his magic and convinced the county commissioner to open Cherokee County Park gates a little earlier for F3 workouts. Great job and huge thanks to Commissioner Gunnin!
  • Pray for the leaders, middle school kids and volunteers who are participating in Walking Wisely at WCC this weekend. Title Max and Hasbro lead small groups and serve in this ministry. Smurfette is on staff at WCC and serves on the Transit team. Plus, The Mole serves in this same ministry at Northpoint.  So awesome to see each of you investing so much of your time in these boys. This is eternal work boys!
  • Pray for Voo-Doo’s family during the loss of a family member in New Orleans.



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