You brought a girlfriend to your VQ???

AO: The Firehouse

When: 03/01/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Whamo, Skynyrd, Beans, Reuben, The Body, Olaf, Howser, Lego, Dash


Woke up extra early this morning(with a whole lot of Zeal), ready to head out into the gloom and deliver an epic Beatdown that would make my fellow comrades happy they got out of the Fartsack. For this is no normal Q. I had been preparing all week(and felt like I was taking 9 girlfriends to the prom) because this was my VQ and i had a special treat in store for whoever was brave enough to post!


Let’s Mosey-halfway around the parking lot ready for the Warmup!


15 each(in cadence)

  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Peter Parkers

Mosey back to the starting point to retrieve the Girlfriends…time to start dancing!!

Mosey with GFs (tandem style with partner)to the lower soccer field(we had an odd amount, so i decided to take a GF for my own)



The Thang


Four Corners with Partners and GF’s

(start and end in the middle where you pay a toll of 10 Merkins every time you get there)

10 Merkins in the center of the field to start The Thang


  • First corner with partner

10 Burpees

Back to center to pay the toll (10 Merkins)

  • Second corner

10 Copper Head Squats

Back to the center to pay the toll (10 Merkins)

  • Third corner

10 Big Boy Sit-ups

Back to center to pay the toll (10 Merkins)

  • Fourth corner

LEGO my Eggo (swinging girlfriend) X 10 (both sides= 1)

Back to the center to pay the toll(10 Merkins)

do air-chairs waiting on the 6

Quick 10 count


Mosey to the upper parking lot for the COG 45

At this point I proceeded to explain to the group that a Cog is not only a small part of a much larger piece(just like we are to God’s plan), it is also a Circle Of Girlfriends! And today was a perfect day to do a little dancing!!

5 of us circled up, each holding a handle of a GF, while the rest ran laps around the circle cheering on the fellow Cogs until the set was complete(then we switched it up)

4 sets each

15 curls (holding the handle of a GF)

15 squats (holding the handle of a GF)

15 shoulder presses (holding the handle of a GF)

(We started in cadence, but quickly realized that was not sustainable for this amount of weight, so I audible out to a straight count)


I can tell the guys are really feeling a bit of affection for the GF’s so i decided to make it last a little longer.

Indian run back to the truck with GFs tandem style…and yes, we took the long way!


Deposit GFs and head to the picnic tables for 3 sets of Step ups, Dips, and Derkins on your own count.


First set of 20 each(air chair for the 6)

Second set of 15 each(air chair for the 6)

Third set of 10 each(air chair for the 6)



Freddy Mercury 10 forward and 10 reverse (in cadence)

15 Dolly’s (in cadence)

20 Seal sit-ups (in cadence)

Finished up with the War Baby Howser’s special of 15 Box Cutters (in cadence)




  • announcement about new AO “The Zoo” to start on March 17th @ 7am in Central Park

prayers for the teens in our community that they wouldn’t have to live in fear


Naked-Man Moleskin

I got the feeling everyone really like the girls I brought to the dance and would like to see them on a regular basis(I will definitely have to work on some new exercises)

I think I have most of the guys convinced that the coffee basket was my wife’s idea!

Until next time, I’m out!


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