Wet T-shirt Contest AKA Paragon PFT

AO: The Paragon

When: 03/01/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): Fleetwood, Garfield, Smurfette, Manning, Legionnaire, Roma, Wiggum, Yogi, Cuban, Home, Kiffin, Ricky Bobby, Wreck it Ralph, Titlemax, Spaceballs

16 Pax came to test their mettle fully expecting a rainy workout.  The order of the day was light or white T-shirts and sharpies to record the results of your PFT.  Ascending numbers is the goal while the fear of declining numbers will keep the PAX from fartsacking!




Cotton Picker


Finkle Swing

Matt Biondi



The Thang

In view of both the Paragon Shovel and the FUBAR shovel, the pax gathered to begin the Physical Fitness Test:

Alternating with a partner-2 minutes AMRAP merkins, 2 minutes AMRAP Big Boy Situps, 12 minute max laps on 1/4 mile loop

After a strong showing of merkins and BBS’s, the Pax made a short mosey to the Dean Rusk driveway for  12 minutes of cone to cone 1/4 mile loops.  AML(laps)AP


with only 10 minutes remaining, another short Mosey and a little fun-Chilly Broad Jump followed by a round of Plank Jacks



Dying Cockroach

Freddy Mercury(renamed the Tour de France thanks to Legionnaires marathon count)




Each Pax called out something they are grateful for expertly closed out with a “what he said”





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