AO: Big Creek

When: 03/01/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Clyde, Benny, Swiper, Snake, Whiz

It’s been a long week of travel and busyness for YHC which left little time to plan a super special Whiz-bang beat down beforehand.  Here’s what I came up with while dozing off in the fart sack the night before.


SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

Sungods forward x 8 IC

Sungods reverse x 8 IC

The Thang:

Grab a coupon and mosey up to the pavilion parking lot for some DORA 123.  Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 does parking space tracers to the first set of trees and then moseys back.  Each PAX keeps his own count rather than combined.

100 curls w/ coupon

200 LBC

300 squats

Next, we ratcheted-up the suck factor with a round of Jack Webb.  Made it up to 10:40 (barely) and decided to move on.

Last,  redeposit coupons and mosey to some benches for 30 step-ups IC and 30 jump-ups OYO.  Rinse and repeat then back to the flag with no time for mary.


Prayers for Swiper and his M as they head to Canada for some much needed alone time.  Also, a few PAX from Big Creek planning to run the Dirty Spokes night race at the Fowler Greenway on 3/24.  We’ll be setting up an F3 tent at the event with EH’s in full effect.  Come join us!

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