Time to Stretch

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/28/2018

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Sunshine, El Matador, Flo, Saint 2o, Khakis, Jimbo, Sneakers, Boomer

9 HIMs weren’t scared of threatening rain clouds or promises of great pain from YHC’s Twitter universe.  Not to say that the recent beatdowns had been easy, but YHC’s goal was to stretch the pax to work a little harder than they thought they could. Here’s what happened.

NO TIME FOR A WARMUP! YHC said come ready to roll, and we did. The warmup was a modified merkin mile. Every turn or cross street included a stop for 10 merkins. Mosey to the track. Lots of Sunshine mumblechatter on the way over.

On the track, Ralphie started a game we didn’t get to finish (name that movie line in the Twitter comments “I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish” ). Burpee chasers this morning. Flo can run fast backwards. But the mumblechatter started to slow down.

Next, YHC loved the wheelbarrow mucho chesto so much that we did it again. 10 merkins then wheelbarrow to the end. Switch with partner who does 10 and wheelbarrow. Then 10 wide grip merkins and wheelbarrow. All through the mucho chesto routine. Still sucked.

Time for condensed Dora. 100 boxcutters, 100 gas pumpers,  and 100 BB situps that turned into LBCs. Time’s up so mosey back. But let’s stop on the way back and do 10 merkins at every turn and cross street again.

Circle up for a couple minutes of Mary. Done.



  • Strong work from everyone today. T-claps to Sneakers and Saint 2o for pushing that wheelbarrow back and forth the whole time. Apparently y’all had no fear of smashing your faces on the track leaving your faces horribly disfigured. Sunshine and YHC couldn’t risk such a tragedy. Would have saved Flo a surgery if he had smashed his nose again on the track.
  • Prayers for our missing pax either through injury, sickness, travel, or just plain fartsack passion. You know who you are.
  • El Matador still looking for one more runner for Ragnar race in March. Last day to sign up for Warrior Dash!
  • Don’t miss Flo’s 0.0 beatdown on Friday. He told me it was a Celine Dion-inspired playlist.

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