Olympic Moments

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/28/2018


PAX (): Zima, Mad Dawg, Fondue Guy, Bob FNG - now forever known as Sparky, Bear, Booter, Rusty, Squeegee, Doogie, I-Beam, Polaroid, Blue, Circus, Roonie, Grease Monkey, Sprocket, TP, GOAT, Depcon 2, Turbine, Aflac, Smackdown

Olympic Moments – Today included several competitions of athleticism.  We tried to compete with brains, but everyone lost so quickly, we moved on.

With the weather being warmer, the number of Paxs has increased.  With the around an 80% chance of rain, YHC thought the numbers would be lower.  Instead 23 Paxs showed up ready to go.  While this did throw a kink in one plan it was good to see some old faces reappear and some newbies as well.  With the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics just barely in our rear view mirror YHC decided a little friendly competition was in order.

Warm Up:

Mosey to first parking lot

One FNG who was informed he was not among professionals

15 side straddle hop

15 Peter Parkers

15 Mountain climbers

15 Dancing Bears – Hands and feet on the ground, lift left leg and right arm to an uncomfortable height, then back on ground. Lift right leg and left arm to an uncomfortable height, return to the ground. Works great with a 4 count

The Thang

Mosey to the building by the football field

Balls to the Wall – Who can stay the longest

Sprint to end of parking lot and back – who’s the fastest

30 Apolo Ohno’s

Ascending Testicles – who can do the most

To the football field

Fastest to lunge walk to the 50, knee must touch the ground – Plank

Sprint Back

Most Merkins in a minute.

Fastest to bear crawl back – Plank

Sprint Back

And here’s where things got interesting.  With much higher numbers than anticipated I had to change 3 corners into 4 corners.  This decision was made after I told everyone to get into groups of 3 and realized we didn’t have enough coupons.  So while I think everyone got a good exercise in, what followed was a little bit of confusion as the groups doing four corners with 3 people realized the issue really quickly.

4 corners –

Jugs – 20 arms raises to the side, 20 arm raises in the front, 20 curls run to the next corner and relieve the person doing Merkins.  The person doing Merkins ran to the next corner and relieved the person doing LBCs, and for the lucky groups with four people, that person ran to the next corner to relieve the person doing Squats.  That person then went and did jugs.  This continued until all corners had been completed by the team.

Mosey back to the flag via the road for Mary.

Mary Included:  Burpees, Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, dying cockroach, and a new exercise that for lack of a better name I will call Swimming on Concrete

Today’s winners that I recall:

Grease Monkey won the Bear Crawls which I think he may be undefeated in.

Squeegee won the Descending Testicles and we are not sure what this says about him.

Aflac claims to have completed 80 + Merkins in 60 seconds.  This is believed to have been wind aided and after his Russian connections with the Russian leg exercises that destroy your hamstrings for 7+ days, he may have to compete in future events under the name “F3 Athlete from Russia” or (FAFR) for fear of doping.

There was a three way tie for the longest balls to the walls (boy it was great to be able to type that phrase).  I’m am unsure of the three.  I apologize.

All sprints did have winners and they know who they are.


Prayer Request:

I-beam’s Sister-In-law

Smack down’s Father-In-Law

Coffee at Crazy Love after the workout

Bible Study at Crazy Love on Thursday at 6:30


S Talk

Someone stop DD from counting during Cadence, it never works out well

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