Audible Anyone?

AO: Kodiak

When: 02/28/2018

QIC: Dory

PAX (): The Mole, Thumper, Woody, Babyface, Ghandi, Naty-Lite, Aquaman, Westside, Legionnaire, Misty, Cricket, Buckeye, Swisher, Dory

So…YHC has been doing this F3 thang for since last July and has found his body is comfortable in a 2 days of beatdown and then a day of rest type of schedule works best. However, this week that did not happen. With the Kodiak birthday beatdown on Monday, a guest Q spot at the Firehouse on Tuesday, and then a long time commitment to Q at the Kodiak on Wednesday…this has been stretch week for YHC so far.  But hey…that is what we are all here for isnt it? I wouldnt have guessed in million years last year when I started that I would be able to accomplish something like this within 7 months.  Yes…I have plenty more weight to lose, plenty more strength to gain but I only mention this “personal best” story to perhaps encourage others to step up for a VQ, post at other AO’s, or to just say “yes” when opportunities come along.  I give God the all glory for my progress thus far and know that he is working on me through all of the great F3Alpha men I have met so far. Okay…how about  I move on with what went down at the Kodiak this morning!


A short mosey around the parking lot to over in front of the high school. Circled up for the following:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • IW x 15 (IC)
  • Windmill x 15 (IC)

The Thang

With the rain falling this morning, my field and bleacher plan had to be redone in short order (i.e. calling an audible)…like sitting in my car for an extra two minutes after arriving at the AO while I scribbled notes on my weinkie .

Using the parking lot we estimated the 2nd speed bump from our current position at 50 yards (I’ll leave it to Legionnaire to convert it to kilometers). Using that distance we lined up for the following and planked / air chaired (PAX choice) for the 6 after each round.

Start / Out to 2nd SB / Back to Start / Out to 2nd SB / Back to Start

Round 1 – Merkins 10/20/30/20/10

Round 2 – LBCs 10/20/30/20/10

Round 3 – Hand Release Merkins 5/10/15/10/5

Round 4 – Star Gazer Squats 10/20/30/20/10


With the rain continuing to fall, we then headed to the grassy section near the Creekview HS sign for some 11’s.  Using the “‘hill” (i.e. slight change in elevation) we started with 1 Mountain Climber (Kodiak Count) at the bottom and 10 Monkey Humpers (4 Count – Not Kodiak Count – More on that later) at the top.  Although this was not a hill by any stretch of the imagination, legs were still complaining after the previous days Olympic Events (The Firehouse) or Walls of Jericho (Paragon) beatdowns.

Walk Like an Egyption

YHC opened up the suggestion box to the PAX for the next exercise which would be appropriate given our location and the rain and Walk Like an Egyption was proposed. As if the legs weren’t toast already why not toast them even further with some foward lunges.  Pax lined up single file with space in between. We started with left leg lunge and hold while rotating to the left.  All PAX held this position while the tail gunner sprints to the front.  Front man yells “switch” and all PAX take a step into a right leg forward lunge with right rotation.  Legs held out for 2 complete cycles before a car pulled into the parking lot and we had to break position to let it pass.



Moseyed back to the flag for some Mary.

  • Al Gore / Moroccan Nightclubs x 10 (IC)
  • Al Gore / Overhead Claps x 10 (IC)
  • American Hammers x 25 (IC 4 Count) Courtesy of Woody! (Bloodhound would have been proud)
  • J-Lo’s x 10 (IC)

6:15 AM Times Up!


  • 2nd F at Reformation this Saturday
  • Babyface clarified the definition of a “Kodiak Count” due to YHC’s mangling of the term during the 11’s today (and many other instances over the last several months).  A cadence of “Kodiak Count” is appropriate only for leg exercises where both legs (L & R) count as 1 rep.  A proper cadence count for non-leg (L/R) oriented exercises is a “4 Count” when the Q wants to establish a longer rep cycle.

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