Um….No You’re Not

AO: Shadow

When: 02/24/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Stripper, Fizz, Leon, Seles, Fireballs, Greenbean

A conventional morning at Shadow had a not so conventional beginning, but we will get to that in a minute. In the meantime, six brave souls started the beat-down at Austin Elementary, but we finished with seven. We will get to that too.

Warm-O-Rama: (All IC and x20) SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats (repeat)

Let’s Mosey. We departed Austin for what was supposed to be a trail running effort down to the nature center (but thanks to the construction of a new road to support the new Austin, that plan was thwarted) and back up to the top of the nature center we went for a little Mary (all IC and x20) LBCs, Low Dollys, Flutter Kicks, LBCs).

Mosey back to the road and an over to the old senior park entrance where we came across the not so on time Stripper and the mosey continued down to the bottom of the old ball park for a little more Mary. (all IC and x20) LBCs, Obliques left and Right, and Rosalita’s. And the mosey continued to the THOP (Tree House of Pain).

Partner up for alternating PullUps (personal max) and Dips (x20). There was set, there was rinsing and there was repeating (x3)

Mosey on down to the tree stumps for a set of 11s (Step-Ups and Merkins)

Next stop, the fireplace for some Mary. LBCs, Mason Twist and Box Cutters. (x20 and IC)

Mosey back out to the construction road, for what i can safely say was the worst idea of the day. Alternating lunge walks and squats (OYO) all the way out to the road (well, not really, but we got close and I lost count)

Mosey over to the Firehouse parking lot for some Mary (LBCs)

Mosey back to the school. Circled up for some stretching. Left leg, right leg, center. Calves…and out!

COT – Leon took us out.

So now for the story. Fireballs, in his endeavor to train, mosey’d from his house around the backside of Dunwoody and towards the school where he came up on a couple of rubes, who were out of gas in the middle of Roberts Drive, (just short of the school) and the young man was pushing the car. Fireballs inquired and the young man replied with we are out of gas and I am pushing the car to the Chevron, to which Fireballs retorted, “Um…no you’re not.” They did push the car 50 yards to the school. And Fireballs wished them luck. I arrived, not knowing, found them out of gas and drove the young man to get cherry cans full of gas and in the process doused my car. After our warmup started, Leon was summoned to assist in the infusing of the auto with gas and summarily spilled it on his arm. Green Bean supervised.

Stripper would have offered them a prayer on their way, but he was late.

We did decide on a new workout though, the Cherokee car push and run. Will let you know how it turns out.

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